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Part : Vibrating Low Vs Vibrating High©️

Part : Vibrating Low Vs Vibrating High©️

💫I was too busy to post about low and high vibrations 🔮yesterday. So I’m going to post about it now. So if you are always sad, depressed, angry & not in control of your emotions you are vibrating low. (Not saying I do not understand depression or anything else just stating what it does to your vibration) If you are always being toxic, gossiping, always in some drama, you are also vibrating low👎🏽. Why is this important? If you are trying to bring money, love, or any type of Abundance in your life, 🤔🧐how can you do so with all these negative energies around? You may move out and suddenly notice how things are going better for you almost immediately when you remove yourself out of toxic situations. This is because, things will not work into your favor until you have a balance. Until you know how to control the good and bad parts so you can bring your abundance in©️


When you are at a higher vibration this means, you are on your 💩. Now to some of you on your 💩 may mean something else. 🧏🏾‍♀️My meaning is that you are good mentally, physically, and emotionally. In this element you are completely aligned with yourself & in control of your emotions. 🧘🏽‍♀️You are able to meditate and focus, even when you come in contact with lower energies they don’t phase you. You are more calm 🥰and peaceful in your actions, and secure in your emotions. What others, think, feel or what the are doing doesn’t phase 💃🏽you one bit because the only thing you are worried about is completing your next goal. You are only concerned with bringing greatness in your life and helping others who genuinely need it ©️

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