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I came to The Brujas Lair  in late 2020, I was having issues with getting pregnant and I reached out because nothing I tried, was working. My doctor couldn't even explain what the issue was. I did a reading with Royal and she told me I was going to have a baby within 2 years. I remember thinking, this chick is crazy because if it hasn't happened, its not going to happen. And I was like what does she know that my doctor doesn't.I did everything she told me to do, and well from the picture you can see she was right.  Royal THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Its because of you we have a family. Your vibe, your knowledge, your spirit is just so beautiful.

You helped me believe in myself when I had given up, after meeting you I can't see my life without you now. You are a gift, that I am forever grateful for THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND ENERGY.

Working at Home

Shanice Jorden

Let's just speak on the fact, that through this site I was able to go to school, work on my business, and learn about my spiritual abilities. When they say they work with you and let you pick your days, that's a true statement. I have never seen a site that even offers all the things you guys do. You all are always so respectful, my packages, come on time, there is a community where I can be me while still embracing whom I'm becoming. I just love the fact that there is a place I can go to and unwind, and learn at the same time spiritually. Im an empath, and I was feeling so out of place, till a found this site. Now I feel like I truly have a spiritual home. 

Street Fashion


There is no other way to say this, The Brujas Lair is LIFE. I was going through so much, literally everything in my life was going wrong, and even the things that I knew were lined up just went south too. I was looking for someone to tell me what I needed to do. I ask my ancestors to send me someone. I asked for people to help me in groups, and nothing they told me to do or nothing they did worked. I got to a point where I thought that being in the group was making whatever it was worse. I knew people were capable of putting curses on others because Im spiritual, so I'm not blind to that, but things that were happening in my case would sound like it was coming from a movie or tv show. One night this site came up in a ad, and I clicked on it, because I had nothing to lose at this point, even the work I was doing wasn't working. I booked a reading, and baby, let me tell you, she told me everything that was going on in my life before I could even speak. Hearing her talk was really a relief for me because I knew my situation was a lot worse then the average hex. They even helped me understand how something like this could even happen to me because I am not a bad person at all. I just happened to be caught up with someone who was caught up, and I'm free, of that now. My skin is shining again, I'm not sick anymore, my finances are better than before , and

I have no worries now.  Im glad I followed my intuition, and tapped in, because this place, saved my life. 

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