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Online Conference

Lessons In Spirituality Right At Your Finger Tips

Virtual Classes

THE BRUJAS LAiR is always looking out for their clients. We are making life more easier, by delivering knowledge straight to your device, at a day, time, and price you can afford. All you need is PayPal, to set up recurring payments, and Google Classroom, so you can view, complete, your assignments, and work with you spiritual advisor/mentor. 


Pick your session days. What does that mean? That means you can choose which days you meet for your spiritual advisor/mentor. No more missing important information or tutorials. Learning about spirituality just got easier. We offer a online classroom, where all you class information is stored, so you have all of your spiritual information in one place. 
So many people search online daily looking for information to help them on their spiritual path. We wanted to make that easier l, as well as follow in the footsteps of our great powerful Ancestors. By teaching and educating others on the proper tradition within spirituality. Our goal is to challenge you and make you a better you. This is why our programs are designed with the clients in mind. To ensure there is something for everyone, that is affordable and convenient. 

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