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Energy Never Lies ✨🌿✨

Energy is so important guys. It’s all around us and it attaches so easily and can sometimes be very hard to remove. Have you ever met someone and did not like them or their energy? Most people say oh I can just feel how bad their energy is. But that’s not always the case for everyone. When you feel like you just don’t like this person but have never met them, there are a few other things to consider. I won’t address them all but I will address a few.

It is possible this person could have been an enemy in your past life, or the enemy of an ancestor that guides you now. They could’ve been responsible for your death in your past life as well. They could have betrayed you in the past life or your ancestors, and our it is a warning they will try to do so in this life or the future. This is why I always say pay attention. What’s happening? What are you feeling? Are you experiencing pain in any parts of your body upon being around this person etc..? Be sure to keep in mind that this person may have no clue of this. Everyone is not into spirituality, nor does everyone have the abilities you do, but just because everyone doesn’t sense what you do doesn’t mean that, these things do not exist. I do not recommend confronting this person, but instead take mental note of it and write your experience down. And stay clear of them and their energy.

In spirituality, you will have so many different experiences, on different levels. You may not understand it but it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Which leads me to 👉🏽Point number two. Being that your ancestors blood runs through your veins. It might be your ancestors who do not like a person upon first meeting them for many different reasons. Ancestors are very protective. So if someone in that persona bloodline crossed them. Then for them it’s a problem on sight. The ancestors may not like the person because of the persons true intentions. These are not the only reasons, however these are the ones I am focusing on.

When you have that feeling and you are not sure why. Observe. Be quiet 🤫 Don’t be so quick to speak. Listen twice, speak once if needed. Pay attention to body language, energy, and all the things and people in your surroundings. These are the moments you will learn who and what you are up against. Pay attention to their actions, not what they say.

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