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Take All Your All Your Burdens To The Wata

Take all dem burdens to the wata, where de wata washes dem away

That's what my grams would always say, now I'm telling you to do the same ting.

Take them burdens to the water, and leave them there. When you’re feeling heavy cleanse your spirit with the healing waters of Mother Nature. Find place where the water is clear not murky, if the water is murky it’s already too much toxic energy there. #thebrujaslair #ocean #river #waterfalls

Rootworkers, Voodoos, and many other spiritualist had and still do have various forms of cleansing methods. These old ways, have the power to remove negative and evil energy off the spirit, that may be weighting you down, or that may be toxic to your body. In spirituality we have a cleanse and herb for everything. We believe in natural healing, and with the veil being thin a lot of you may be feeling very heavy right now. Knowing the signs can be very important too. So if you are feeling drained, although you've had plenty of rest, sad for reasons you can't explain, dealing with a lot of toxic people, places or situations, then maybe you need a wata cleanse.

There are many ways to do this, and it can be very easy or you can dress it up. You can simply go down to the river, ocean, or waterfall, any clean source of water, and walk in, sit in, or go under for a few seconds and get out, it's all up to you. If you cannot swim I suggest wearing a life jacket. Stay clear of murky waters, as they have to much negative energies in them. They could be polluted and this will not help your purpose. I will do a more detailed description on Wata Cleansing this week on my channel, and I will also drop a article for my readers.

Royalty Laveaux 🥰

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