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Part 2 Vibrating Low VS Vibrating High

Part 2: Vibrating Low VS Vibrating High©️

When your vibration is low you are a easy target, for lower and dark energies to attach on to. Some people may not understand this but this is one reason why you notice massive changes in people, or within your own energy. Most people tell themselves it’s nothing and they shouldn’t worry but that is not the case. A lot of people are not sure what it is or how to even fix it. This is where you have to learn or understand that some things have to be fixed spiritually. Most people with lower vibrations can be possessed, they can be attacked by spiritual and none spiritual forces, among many other things. Bottom line when you vibrate low you are always subject to become attacked. So be careful with your energy guys because you closer friends and family may have them. Anyone who you allow in your home could have them and some are harder to remover so it takes extreme spellwurk to have them removed. A lot of you have heard of the term “Being Cleansed in the River” rootworker a, priest, priestesses as well as other spiritualist (to many titles to name) may request you be cleansed this way. This is not the extremist form but it is powerful. ©️


This is why you always see me posting about knowledge and other information to try and help you everyone with an ear or eyes who is interested in what I am saying. This is also why spiritualist offer classes, but some are just too stubborn to just take a class or a few classes lol. & Trust me I get that too. Trusting is hard especially with something as sacred as your beliefs. In order to learn the proper way to heal yourself and enhance your higher self instead of your lower self, classes, guidance, and so much is needed. When you are at a lower vibration the world seems as if it’s happening to you and you only, and not for you. How many times have you said “Well this is how my life has always been?” That’s not the case, something is wrong, you may just not understand or know what is causing the problems. Life however, is not always bad or should I say it’s not supposed to be. If it’s all bad something is wrong and it could possibly extend from something generational. Spirituality is about many things such as resetting and reshaping your life, which is why I always hashtag Transformation 💫🦋 because it is a transformation because you are in transition. It’s a lot to explain but again you owe it to yourself to stop going through it. I can tell you but I can’t want it for you, you have to want to change. Most of you say you’re tired but you keep doing the same things messing around with the same people, so are you really tired? Or are you just stuck in an illusion 🌀and in battle with your lower self because you don’t understand that there is balance and there is duality. This is why you have good and evil and some even say you have to fight the flesh/temptation/devil which is all within you. In order to understand oneness with self you have to understand duality and the components on you beginning broken down into them. In which you eventually have to put together this is why shadow work is so hard for people because they do not understand how to rebuild or reshape themselves in order to become aligned. Balance & duality are highly essential in your growth. Which there has to be in order to have night and day. Hope this helps you guys ©️

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