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Spiritual Forces & How They Can Effect Your Children

How many of you have been woken up by your children in the middle of the night, because they saw something in their room? How many of you have told them to go back in their room it’s nothing? Did you check their room? Did you know what they see you may not have the ability to see? Or maybe you’ve suppressed that part of your gift for whatever reason. Understand that children are pure in nature & everytime they say something, draw something or try to show you something maybe you should pay more attention.


Childhood fears are sometimes more than that, if you know your families spiritual history then it would be easier to point out. However, if your family is Americanized then, you’re probably not going to know much about your ancestors spirituality at all. Your knowledge of religion may only be based a few generations back. Why is this important? Not for the reasons you think because it’s not to attack anyone’s religion. However, not understanding where your ancestors come from hinders how you view things within your life which effects you as well as your children because of your beliefs.


Your child may be a seer, your child may be empathetic, your child may be a exact replica of a great powerful ancestor. Your child could have most of all the many abilities there are. Children do not know how to deal with this at all. Some adults don’t know how to deal with it. It’s hard to comprehend that you can see things others can’t. Especially when no one’s believes you. Those things you can’t see are not only harmful to your children but to your household. They are drawn to the child’s power. You guys watch tv shows & movies all the time that show this, but for some reason you have a hard time grasping that it happens all of the world everyday in real life.


Don’t be so caught up living a mundane life that you forget about the spiritual one. How you choose to believe doesn’t make this go away. These children grow up to be called outsiders, weirdos, evil, crazy, the devil, everything except for who they truly are. As parents you will have to deal with the fact that you did not listen to them or help them when they needed it most. Again seeing these dark entities is not fun at all. For kids it’s honestly terrifying, they don’t know how to get rid of them. They don’t know the first step to expel, banish evil or negative entities. Which is why having a relationship with your ancestors is essential.


I am sharing this with you guys in hopes that you will begin to listen to your kids. I’m not judging anyone at all. That is petty which I am not. I want to educate as many parents as I can. Because the truth is you as parents feel in your soul that they see something but are afraid to admit it because you think it will get it power which it already has, or because as a child your parents didn’t believe you about the monster under your bed, or for whatever reason you have. But the truth still remains it’s happening and it’s not going anywhere until it’s handled properly. And in some cases these things harm children.


This is why people need to stop attacking African Spirituality and learn about it, and if you don’t trust people then educate yourself. But get the knowledge because what you are taught in the states about spirituality being evil is a lie, and learning your true spiritual nature can save you and your family from the real evils of this world. You have to learn that you are not always right no matter how bad you want to be or say you are. Saying you’re right doesn’t make you right it makes you blind.


When it happened to me, I was 5 years old. Being that I was raised in a spiritual household of Priests & Priestesses when I complained about the red eyed demon my family took the next steps and did a protection ritual, calling in some of those great powerful ancestors to assist. I won’t go into details because that’s not me to give out ritualistic secrets. But what I will say is after that, my ancestors, my spiritual animals, my spiritual team period was present from that day forward. I wish you guys the best, and if you have questions you know how to contact me.

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