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Waning Moon In Leo| Virgo Moon Approaching| Timing Is Everything| Hermit Mode Think Before You Speak

Author: Royalty

Date: October 20, 2022



We are out of last quarter guys. The moon is currently waning, which means is winding down, getting ready for its New Moon phase. Don’t let this transition bring down your energy. It’s a lot of spiritual activity right now with the veil being thin, Ghede season, and the Dias De Los Muertos is approaching. Make sure to keep your vibe and aura clear of toxic or negative vibes by smoke cleansing with smudge, as well as cleaning, and decluttering your space.

The moon is currently in the zodiac sign of Leo. This may cause you to be a little hot headed because of this zodiacs energy. With the moon waning, you always have to be careful and aware. Because it's energy is descending, waning moons are used to bring things down. Which is why I never recommend doing positive magic, such as money spells, trying to enhance your gifts, or roadopeners during this time. As it will bring down your situation down instead of enhancing it. Positive Wurkings should begin during the waxing moon leading into the Full Moon, as well as the New Moon. Now, this shift can still be powerful, but you have to use it in the right way. Why because with a firey sign like Leo nudging you to speak your mind, and the obsessive sign of Virgo moon approaching, your emotions, can be all over the place, and you may speak before thinking, which can cause arguments and misunderstandings. Leo wants to set things straight and put it all on the tablet, while Virgo wants to make everything perfect, and although both of these may be good ideas, how will others perceive your ideas, and  intentions. Anddddddddd, this is the most important part, best how will you react to their responses? Sometimes it's not the ideas or intentions but the timing. Timing is everything, literally. Having conversations when both parties are upset, frustrated, watching the game, just home from work, eating, etc these are not good times to have deep conversations.

If you live alone, I recommend staying to yourself for a few days. Especially if you have already been having heated conversations. Don't add any more gas to the already burning fire. It's best, to let things cool down first. Plus this gives you time to write down what you want to say. Also remember, that the tone of voice, and body language matter. These are the top two things that start arguments. Remember the goal is to have a positive conversation, in order to do that you have to be level headed, ready to listen, and understand. Most people want to be understood, but don't want to understand. That's is narcissistic behavior, and males and females can both be narcissistic. This can cause a lot of unnecessary problems and stress within the relationship, friendships, etc. And if this is a relationship you want to keep, the get out of your ego. Leo's ago ther signs have egotistical issues. Don't lose the person you care about because of your ego. If you don't not live alone, try to give your partner some space, don't hit them with the, Can we talk, everyone knows what that means 😆, and where the conversation is going🤦🏽‍♀️🥴, when you say can we talk, it's going straight to hell 😆😂😂,👏🏽‼️ Why because it's coming from an emotional place, before you know it the dinner is getting tossed on the floor, door are slamming, you both are bringing up the past, and who did what in 1964 🥴😂. Babes you guys have to learn timing is everything. Sorry if you feel like I'm being repetitive but oh well 🤷🏽‍♀️. Here you are going to get the raw uncut truth, and you're alwso going to learn and have fun.

The moon waning effects the energy as well. You may feel drained, irritated, angry, have headaches, nausea, etc and you may have no clue as to why. In short, you are connected to the planets, moons, zodiacs and their transitions effect your.. Welcome to The Realm of Mystical Frequencies, which is also the name for our Spiritual Academy. So yea, your not crazy, delusional, a fantasy fanatic as they say, your celestial, and relax its natural. It's just not natural to those who are not chose‼️ Which is why it's best to stay to yourself, but not in a dont f****** talk to me way. If someone ask what's wrong, just say I have alot on my mind, and I'm in my feeling, and I don't want to speak from an emotional place, so can we talk about this another time. That way the dinner stays on the table instead of being on the floors and ceilings😂, y'all got to do better guys. And it's helps making a joke out of it because once you handle things calmly, you legit have to laugh at how you've been responding to things for so long. When you genuinely love someone, you want to speak from a place of love. You don't want to speak to them like their someone off the street. You can be serious in what you're saying without jumping out of character. Let's remember that arguments, cause stress, and stress is a silent killer. Let's also remember that stress can cause heart issues, so let's not wait until something bad happens to change how we respond to things. And if you are dealing with someone who is just not trying to hear you, then what's understood doesn't need to be explained. That means it's time to move around because, no one should live in a toxic environment.

This isn't just for couples, it's for friends, room mates, co workers, etc. We all have to be accountable for how and what we do and say. That is our personal responsibility, and if you value a relationship in your life then, stop being afraid to let that be shown. Being angry having attitudes for no reason, is not cute, it's a low vibrational trait. People who vibe high are always trying to do something positive. If someone you know is struggling, try to assist them. They may be dealing with past or current traumas and need help, and there will be those who are not ready to process or talk about that/those traumas. And if that's the case. Just be there, don't pry, don't make the situation about you, because of them not wanting to open up. Take a moment to think, maybe to them, opening up is opening a door they need to keep closed for their mental sanity. Society needs to relearn how to respect the healing process of others. Be sure that you are not letting your past traumas make you feel like this person is not opening up because of you. If you feel that way, it could be due to the fact, that as a child people always made you feel like you were wrong or the problem, and that can cause so many issues, throughout childhood, into adolescence, as well as adulthood. When the time is right everything will unfold as it needs to. Go to the Prayers section on our site and find them prayer to Archangel Michael. When you get to the part where it ask, for you to say what you need, ask for communication, healing, self love, for everyone in the home. I'm telling you it works especially if you stay dedicated.

Some of you may have confrontations because, someone is throwing confusion work your way. We are in the month of October guys, this is the most magical month of the year. Don't be naive. I'm just gonna be blunt. Don't think because you are a good person that's going to stop, an evil person from hexing you. People are jealous, and very petty. I don't know why people do evil things but they do, and if that is your case, babe please get some help. We can help you here if you want or if you have a practitioner let them know what's going on immediately. There is a lot of evil energy around, which is why so many of you star seeds, indigo children, crystal children, and other celestials feel a sickness, similar to nausea feeling now. You feel, energies, magic, spiritual beings, and so much more. But you're not sure how to describe it, because you're not even sure what it is.  If you are on this page, you were lead here. And that means you have some type of spiritual gift. You are probably like dam she is spot on, that's because I'm a seer, and I have been into my gifts for a very long time, so I see and sense these things all the time. The mundane cannot give you the prescription to spiritual issues. Spirituality requires you to be fed spiritually, and if your balance has been off, this may be just what you needed, to bring understanding to your unique situation. Libra season ends soon, however this message has come to you before it has ended. Take intuitive note of that, as well as these transitions and this spiritual advice, and take control of how you respond. Your health will thank you later.

XOXO Royalty

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