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Twin flames 👫🏽🔥 Signs Someone Is Your Twin Flame

Twin flames 👫🏽🔥

Signs Someone Is Your Twin Flame


1. You feel a unexplainable energy within you, some people refer to this as a feeling they have never felt before. You may feel pulled are drawn to them. Leading you to want to know more about them.

2. When you are apart you feel sick, you can’t eat, sleep, or drink. You consistently worry about their safety and well being.

3. You’re very protective over them.

4. You both experience what I call the (Twin Inner G ™️) which means that both of you like the same things. This effect can even range from liking and disliking the same things such as sports teams, foods, social preferences, environmental standards, music, lifestyles etc....

5. You feel like this person is not only your other half but your best friend. Your bond is tight and you both have no problem communicating.

6. This person will never let you go, they will do everything in their power to keep you in there life.

7. No one can change how your twin flame feels about you. No matter what they say about you. This is because your twin flame is connected to your energy on a repetitive cycle that has been going on for eons. Therefore they know what you will do, what you did do, and what you would never do because they are just like you in natural nature.

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