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Transformation & Transition

The Alchemist is here to remind you that you have so many great talents. But you’re not sure what direction to go in, and that’s okay. You are naturally a hustler, you’re very creative, and you’re very ambitious. But you are surrounded by fear, doubt, and your need control everything. This is causing the delay and stopping you from prospering. Currently there are a lot of things out of your control, as we speak. This is where you have to understand to control what you can and not worry over what you cannot. It’s wise to take this time to work on areas of your life that need fixing. & stop trying to fix, what’s not broken.


You are really struggling with believing in yourself rn. One reason is because you’re afraid of failure. But what you have to understand is, how can you learn without making mistakes or failing at something?In honesty, through failure comes, experience. I feel that some of you fear how you will be viewed, but the Universe is right there to remind you that it has your back. Remember, fear can keep you stuck, in what I call spiritual paralysis. It will stop you from doing things that will actually, help you advance. As will doubt.


This is why the Love card comes in to remind you to love yourself, heal and allow yourself to experience love from others including the unseen or unknown. Which in a spiritual case are your Ancestors & Spiritual Team. You’re asking for help, but you’re missing the aid they are sending you. The answers you seek are within, and some of them are being downloaded to you by your Ancestors and your Spiritual Team. It is because your ancestors love you that they want you to learn to first love yourself. If you don’t love yourself, how can you love others? How can someone love you, if you hate yourself?


This is the time to relearn yourself & who you truly are. This is why the Higher Perspective card is here to remind you, not to look at things one sided. Remember to always look at things from a birds eye view instead of a ground view. This is happening for you, not to you. It may not make sense now, but this stage is essential for your growth. You are building, and that takes time. There is no overnight quick fix. It’s time to nurture yourself and process positive energy around you. It’s easy to indulge, in things that are not beneficial for you. & when you’re confused it’s easy to make that mistake. The High Sage is here to assist you, and get you back on track. He wants you to focus on your intuition. You have this start and stop ability, which causes you not finish things you’re working on. Your intuition always tells you to keep going through with things, but you stop out of fear and doubt. Fear, doubt and control can be your worse enemies. You’ve put yourself off for so long, you owe it to yourself to get back on track.

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