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Todays ENERGY:Air Signs 🌬♊️ ♎️ ♒️ 💨

Todays ENERGY:Air Signs 🌬♊️ ♎️ ♒️ 💨

June 24, 2022

Written By: RoyalTy

🌬Gemini✨Libra✨Aquarius 🌬

You've recently taken a loss, some of you may be grieving (my condolences 💐) some may have experienced a break up, a big argument or disagreement something that has brought you great pain and sadness. This current trauma or situation(s) has your mind in the clouds, you feel confused, because so much is also being revealed to you at this time. It's a lot just weighing down on you overall and you feel consumed by it. The spirits urge you to come out of this energy. You are in the last few stages of rebirth, this spiritual surgery hasn't been easy but it was necessary for what's coming next. Rest because you're going to need your strength to tell your story, how you beat all the odds against you. You are a natural healer which is why you attract so many broken people. It's time you learn that just because you are meant to heal, doesn't mean you need to get attached, because that's why you keep getting hurt.

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