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June 24, 2022

Written By: Royalty

🌊Cancer ✨Scorpio ✨Pisces 🌊

Keep an eye out for messages from your spiritual team, divine blessings are about to cross your path. Some of you may be getting married, or a proposal is coming. Some of you have been looking for a divine blessing and it has been granted. Don't be surprised if you are bursting with energy.

Some of you , are vibrating on a very low vibration and you are not feeling like yourself. The spirits are guiding you to dwell in things that inspire you. You have a protective shell around your heart, but you can remove it because you don't need it anymore. The person you’ve become during the trauma(s) you experienced you no longer need to be. Free yourself so you can experience the life you know you deserve. Don't limit the creativity within you, because of your current situation. See beyond the borders of disillusion you've created for protection. Look at things from a higher perspective, speak life into yourself and your situation. Connect with your element when you feel lost.

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