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This shift is so essential

Let’s talk about the current planetary & astrology transitions. With the Moon Conjunct Jupiter some of you may be feeling more inspired to do things you haven’t done in along time. Such as working on art, music, sports and other hobbies. Jupiter’s conjunction with the Moon will cause a sudden change in luck due to Jupiter’s abundance. With the moon currently in Pisces. This is the perfect time for the money you’ve been waiting on to flow in like water, so keep an eye out for that extra cash you’ve been looking for.


First Quarter In Pisces aspect, may cause you to feel a bit sensitive in some of the recent choices you’ve made. Remember Pisces is a water sign so this shift causes you to be in your emotions. When you’re in your emotions you may not feel like yourself but it’s okay because you need to process those emotion, which is why they are coming up. My advice? Relax and do some self reflection in order to help you properly process what it is you’re feeling.


Mercury is semi-sextile Venus in Sagittarius (Jupiter Rules Sagittarius) & Capricorn. Some of the positive aspects that you may experience during this shift, may cause you to feel very independent, adventurous, persistent, determined, and amazingly ambitious. The negative aspects may make you feel unforgiving, impulsive, impatient, and stubborn. You have the ability to decide what energy you want to be in. Always remember that. If your emotions are too strong, take time to collect yourself so you are not making impulsive decisions. Jupiter has so much to deliver in this phase and I want all of your to enjoy the blessings it has to offer.


If you’ve had to cut people off for good reason, you may feel guilty or sad because of the decision you had to make. As you reflect, and everyone’s situation will differ. I want you guys to think was this cut off what was best for you, or was it because you didn’t want to face the truth. Some of you have cut people off because you don’t want to face the truth. & you are worried about how your actions made them feel. Jupiter, Venus, and Pisces are here to help aid you in making things right. If you were wrong, this would be the time to admit your wrongs so you can rebuild a positive connection. If your situation happens to be one we’re you had to cut this person off because they were causing problems in your life, there was too much negativity, or toxicity try not to blame yourself. You did all you could do, so keep reminding yourself that you made the right choice for your peace. As always I hope this post helps you guys, if it does give it a like and share so others can heal from this messages as well. This is how I help with my mission of #globalhealing

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