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The Veil Is Thinning. Try This To Boost Your Spiritual Connection

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Author: Royalty

Date: October 7, 2022

Time: 5:55 PM

The Veil Is Thinning. Have You Thought About Using This Time, To Strengthen Your Spiritual Connections?

If you're new to spirituality, the path, your journey or whatever you have chosen to call your spiritual process. You may be struggling to understand, spirituality as a whole. You may even struggle with finding out the root of it all. Well it all starts with our ancestors, then our guides, angels, deities we choose, or those who choose us, Loa, Orisha, and so on. All of these spiritual beings make up, what I personally call your Spiritual Team. Which is how I have referred to them since I was 5 years old, when all of this was being explained to me, but that's another story.

These are the spiritual beings, that have your back and protect you , even when you do not even know or sense the dangers. Having friends on the other side is essential, especially considering the fact that anyone with a spirit is going to need their help at some point in their lives. People all over the world struggle through problems and situations, not knowing, to fix the issue it has to be fixed spiritually. Some people know that nothing logically can explain their issues, so they go to spiritual practitioners for help. It's then that they find out about, the hex or curse plaguing their life. Now I will go deeper into hexes, curses, and jinxes, but that will not be in this Article. However when I do upload it, which should be this weekend, I will be sure link it below in this article for you guys to be able to access it easier.

During the Thinning Of The Veil I hope that your Connection to your Ancestors gets stronger and the messages get Clearer. It’s highly essential that you work with your Ancestors & Spiritual Guides first. If you want to understand magic, this is the base, and where you need to start. Your ancestors and guides are you main protectors. Yes others will assist but, these are always the first. Now if you are a voodoo child like me by birth right, then voodoo will protect you first as well. But, building a relationship with the spirits you plan to work with is very serious, and this includes any voodoo pantheon, or other deities, Loa, Orisha, etc. You can give them offerings, speak to them, build their altars, and so many other things. But the key is to have a mentor who can guide you on how to do it properly. In spirituality relationships are important. I see so many people working with Spirits, Gods, Orishas, Loas etc just to achieve a personal goal, and that is so disrespectful.

Without respecting, honoring, or even understanding the deity they are working with, and in honesty I have witnessed a great number of people make the mistake of coming at these spiritual beings side ways, and that should not be the approach. Truthfully, in spirituality it's respect over everything. It is not a good idea to use spirits just for gain. Remember they always know your true intentions, it can’t be hidden from them, and they are not friendly when they have been mistreated. When you start off , make sure you continue with what your doing for them, unless they tell you to change. Always remember to respect the spirits, and you will have better outcomes. Always keep positive relationships with them, and trust me you will be just fine. They don't want to do anything to hurt you, in fact they want to help, but you have to keep in mind that this is a two way street. Nothing is given without taking and nothing is taken without giving.

The veil is so thin right now that it is the best time to work on, strengthening your relationships with those in the spiritual realm. You can do this by doing simple rituals, and even through meditation. Your method depends on you, because you have to be comfortable. Working with spiritual beings is not easy for beginners, many of them, are afraid to even see them appear. Some clients have even said 'Well I wanna talk to them, but tell them don't just be popping up, cause I'm not ready to see them yet 😂😂. This is funny because the spirits know your afraid, which is why they only give you glimpses of them. Their intent is not to scare you. This is why they also come to you in dreams, because they know it's easier for you to accept. You'll say I had a weird dream and this lady, man, child, animal, angel etc came to me and said this etc. Always remember to write these dreams down, because they will help you later.




Simply light 3 white candles ( They can be any size) pray and or meditate focusing on the spirits you want to work with. Speak out your intentions, an say whatever it is you need during this time. Don't focus on speaking in a certain tone, of voice. Just relax and speak from your heart. I recommend that you don't try using speeches or prayers you find online, because this needs to be 100% you, as you are seeking to build a relationship, and in honesty nothing can prepare you for that but being your true self. You can't hide who you are with the spirits as they know everything. If you start this off wrong you will only delay yourself. Don't start off by trying to build a relationship off of a lie. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below, or reach out to us directly for help and support.

I post these things so others can learn and benefit from this knowledge. Many of these things I have learned myself or watch others make the mistake, and I learned from it. My platform is expanding so I will be putting this information into my book, I have been working on since forever lol, as well as my YouTube Channel and of course in my classes, and her on my website. I hope you guys have an amazing day & I hope this information has helped you

Peace & Blessings

Royalty 👸🏽

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