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The Veil

I do want to remind you guys that this is one of the times of the year where the veil is thin. This year the thinning started around July/August and it gets thinner and thinner. It’s not as thick as it used to be which is why more and more people are getting into spirituality to understand what they are seeing. The connection with your ancestors will be stronger and a lot more powerful during the thinning. If you have been neglecting your spiritual duties then, this is the time you want to reconnect and forge those bonds with them. Messages will be clearer for those of you who have been struggling, with not seeing your ancestors recently in your dreams, visions etc. Keep in mind consistency keeps this bond open. Do not get in the habit of going to your ancestors just because you need something. This is not how to build the bond. You have to pray to them and thank them daily, feed them etc. Even when things are not going your way. Don’t forget to Give them offerings. When you see things that stick out to you buy them and place them on their altar. If you have any questions just let me know.

The Brujas LAiR

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