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The Differences In Rushing & Taking Your Time

Letโ€™s discuss the differences in rushing your spiritual growth, to force things to happen. & let discuss taking your time & not rushing the universe or the spirits to bring what you want into fruition.


There is definitely a big difference in taking your time to perfect your craft, which is really good. When you take your time, you are allowing yourself to make mistakes, to learn from those mistakes, to learn about your self, such as what areas of spirituality you gravitate to or feel connected with. Certain areas of Spirituality are not for everyone, and taking your time helps you connect with the right aspects within spirituality if that makes sense.


But pure stagnation, not good. At all guys. It actually stops your growth, it stops and blocks your path to things you want to come into your fruition. So be sure to ALWAYS stay consistent. Stagnant energy can be the worst for your energy especially within your household, your situations, your goals, and I could keep going. Because it also stagnates things you donโ€™t even think it could or would. Stagnation is never good, and I only know one way to be & that is to be real, to stand on what I say, to say what I feel, to say what is on my mind, & most importantly to say what the spirits lead me to say, so Iโ€™m definitely going to keep saying it until you guys get it.


Rushing, is not good for you or your situation at all. Think about it like this. If you rush through a test in school. 10/10 youโ€™re going to fail. So why get up, get dressed, get prepared to take the test if you are just going to rush & fail anyway. I just gave you 3 ways you have wasted your own time & energy. Rushing will get you no where, especially within spirituality. The spirits donโ€™t like to be rushed in all honesty. & they definitely do not want you rushing down your path. Youโ€™ll just end up repeating the same lessons over and over and each time it will get a bit worse.


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