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The 11th Month has 11 Planetary Events This Month🤔🧐. Channeled Messages| Planetary Astro Forecast

Author: Royalty

Date: November 6, 2022

Time: 1:11 PM


For my magical moonbeams, this is the time to stand in your magic and protect yourself against the constant evil you have been fighting. Archangel Metatron is HERE TO PROTECT YOU. Your enemies will NOT DEFEAT YOU. The Divine will not let you be touched, The Divine will not let you fall, The Divine is dedicated to keeping you safe because he adores you and the light you bring into the world. The Divine sees how your circle is bringing you down. You don’t live for that circle, that circle is not your tribe, it’s full of false beliefs, indoctrinating lies, and deceit. You walked away from your ancestors, and traditional systems, you chose the hard way, they did not choose this for you, the route they chose for you, you chose to ignore and, this is the path that leads all the way back, to where your allegiance truly is. The spirits are saying that you are only lost because you choose to be. You easily talk about your ancestry, but deny their way, because the enemy has shown you another way. Why would the enemy show you another way? Think about it🤔.  Answer your own question. This is a path led by darkness on a road your ancestors do not travel. So how can they warn you when you are dedicated to not listening to them?

For others of you. You have asked, literally begged your ancestors to help you and SEND YOU SOMEONE WHO CAN HELP YOU. But when they do/did, what did you do? You passed them up, because what YOU THOUGHT they should have been or not been, and because this fast talker sounds better, because of the appearance, and what they perceive to be. Is this not the act of a trickster? To deceive you into thinking they are righteous? That they are the best? Can you NOT SEE 👀, where is the gifts of spiritual sight, that your ancestors and The Divine gifted to you? WHERE IS YOUR VEIL? Does this enemy/enemies now control it? Do they control what you see, or don’t see? Aren’t you letting them interpret the messages, given to you by your own Ancestors? How are they more in tuned then you? Or have you forgotten who you are? Or has it been stolen from you because YOU ALLOWED THE ENEMY TO COME IN AND TAKE A SEAT?

When you are spiritual, you are held at a HIGHER STANDARD. You were naturally given power, and look to others for WHAT IS ALREADY IN YOU. You easily throw your POWER away because of what YOU EXPECT it to look like. You go with the tv version of spirituality, spiritualist, and spiritualism. Chile tuh, you have so much to learn this shift. As they say, this the one ☝🏽. Because this November shift, combined with Mars retrograde is breaking down everything, that is keeping you stuck, and block away from your TRUE POTENTIAL. Love, Modernization is not TRADITION! That was your first mistake.  Why do you believe that your Ancestors can only come to you through one CERTAIN person, when they are many in numbers? So great in numbers that their brains can’t even comprehend? This is how people corrupted you, in to believing your intuition is wrong. Or course your intuition is wrong, about the people it's warning you about. This shift makes you pay attention to yourself, your power, and most importantly, YOUR GIFTS.

Your Ancestors are tired of you being used. They are trying of you crying, they are tried of you being BLIND by the obvious. You want to belong so bad, that you lose sight of what you invite around you and your energy. You allow people to treat you in, ways that piss your Ancestors off. This is why change is occurring so rapidly, in your life right now, it's not a punishment, it's for your benefit and mental health. This is why people are being removed without explanations. Your Ancestors are tired of your inability to not make the right decision, so for you it’s up. The timing is now, right now and your glow up is about to be REAL. You’ve struggled but now it’s time to LIVE. This shift is all about changing your situation for the better.

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