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1st Row: Past (Where you were)✅

2nd Row: Present (Where you are)✅

3rd Row: Future ( Where you will be)✅


Only take what resonates with you.

Within the last 2 years, you’ve taken alot of losses. This could be from jobs, a home(s), business,  material things etc. Your heart was broken by someone you were in a relationship with recently, and some of this heartbreak was from people you trusted. When you cut everyone off, you connected back to your spirituality. Spirituality has actually been your therapy, but you don’t have the guidance you feel like you need, so sometimes you wonder if you are on the right path. I’m sure you’re seeing alot of synchronizations. Hearing certain words in songs, seeing videos and post that resonate helps you because it’s confirmation in your eyes.  There is something/someone you are looking for spiritually and you haven’t found yet. The Spirits are saying, keep looking, keep going and you will find it. Your path is not like everyone else’s. You have to understand , everyone doesn’t comprehend, the language of spirituality. The path you are on is teaching you how to use YOUR intuition. Instead of following someone else’s. Be sure to take notes, of all the intuitive messages you receive. You can say you will log them in your mind, but it’s better to write them down. There is a very strong energy you are feeling concerning someone, who was removed out of your life. For some reason you think it’s something you did but that’s not the case. Removing them was not for punishment. The spirits need you to focus on them, they need you to focus on building your relationships with the spiritual realm to prep you for what is coming. You can’t focus on that with distractions. This path is helping you learn, to love yourself more.  It’s molding you to rely on yourself instead of others. Soon you will be able to build what you’ve been searching for and looking for in other people. This shift is called your turn. The closer you align with the Divine, your ancestors and the spirits you were born to. The better your life will be.


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