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Tarot Reveals

Tarot Reveals 🥳🎴🌍

Pile #1 It’s Time To Find Emotional Balance 🧘🏽‍♀️🧿😍

There are multiple meanings for this pile, I won’t be able to go into all of them because this one pile would take up this entire post. If you feel that you need some one on one guidance, I encourage you to book a reading sooner than later. Pile 1 you guys have a lot going on. Remember, no one can help you if you do not reach out and let them. You are feeling so alone right now, and you do not have to feel like that. You are afraid to be judged, you are afraid to talk about your past and you are afraid for many other reasons. But right now, your mind is your enemy. You feel trapped, like you did when you were a child. You are angry all the time because of your childhood, and it’s time for you to process this. It shows you are one to put things that are essential to your growth off. I’m not fussing but, this is one reason why your emotions are all over the place. Because you hate dealing with things from your past. You are very independent, and when people try to assist you, or give you advice you become very rebellious towards them. You don’t like rules, but you want structure. You are very quick to act without thinking and your most current outburst cost you something, that you didn’t want to lose. Your actions stem from Childhood traumas that you keep trying to bury. You have to understand that burying your problems, is not healing, it’s not the answer to the pain you feel. It’s definitely time to look into some counseling sessions. This is what I see happening, each time you bury your problems, your emotions flood through and everything you buried pops right back up out the shallow grave you put it in. That is not healthy for you, and seeing this worries me. You have to stop doing this to yourself, because it’s not good for you mentally, physically, or emotionally. It’s time for you to trust and move into that new direction, it’s time to walk down a new road that is free from fear or any doubts you are having. It’s natural to wonder if things are going to be okay, but what is for certain is that they are not okay now, and they can only get better if you reach out to seek help. Your way of doing things is not working so it’s time to take some risk, and live within the realm of reality. Some of you may have children that are coming into their abilities and it may be causing them to act out because they are not sure what is going on. They need you because they are confused, but f you are not sure how to properly help them, please get with your spiritual advisor, as soon as possible. This is not something your child need to go through alone.

Pile #2 Surrender To The Process 😍💖

Pile 2 you have been hurt in ways, I do not want to explain publicly. Your trust has been broken into pieces and you are not sure what is the next step. What you have went through has destroyed your confidence and belief in yourself. Don’t let what was said or done, change who you are as a person. You are starting to get a little too much out of your character, so I need you to refocus that energy. We live in a world, where people do not understand the extent of their actions. So don’t let a few bad situations, change the person you are. It’s time to change your language and speak life into yourself as well as your situation. You don’t think your situation will change, but it truth it has. But your past pain has you blind, to your current situation. I recommend you start doing daily affirmations, to assist you in being kind to yourself. I say that because you talk about yourself in a joking way, but you are not really joking. Those things you say “for laughs” are things that were said to you to strip you away from your power. I see that you have been taking your anger and pain out on others who have not done anything to you. It makes you feel powerful when others feel weak. & for some, this may be the energy of the person who made you feel this way. It’s time to remind yourself that you matter. Some of you are looking for love but you have so much to work through yourself. I’m not saying don’t pursue it, but I’m saying work on yourself so you don’t bring your drama into this new bond. Today can be a fresh start of you let it, make that commitment to no longer blame yourself.

Pile #3 Reality Vs Fiction 🤔✨🤷🏽‍♀️

You can talk all day long, but when are you going to take action? You want to do all these things, and you have really great ideas, but you have to plan, and organize your ideas first. It’s good that ideas are coming left and right but there has to be structural plans, and thoughts behind them. When you are planning be precise about what it is you actually want. Watch others, so you do not go and make the same mistakes. Remember it pays to be observant. You have the ability to weave an unbreakable web, but it takes careful organization and structure. Move gracefully in your planning, don’t go crazy trying to buy everything at one time, remember you have family obligations too, and they are depending on you. From what I see, you can be a good person, but make sure you are doing things for other for the right reason. Don’t be one of those people who are doing good deeds, for a blessing or a like. Your good deeds do not have to be public. It’s time for you to connect with nature, even for those of you who are not earth signs. You’ve become so detached, it’s time for you to get grounded and pull some energy from the earth. You’re going to need it with all the things you are planning. If you have a lot of people who look up to you, it’s time to lead by example, and practice what you preach. Some of you see this choice card and are like man, it’s time to make that choice, lol but it’s true. It’s time. Why are you putting it off. The spiritual realm has waited on you long enough, so it’s time to put up or shut up. Stop saying what you are going to do & just do it. Always remember that believing is a choice too, oh yes some of you are definitely having trouble in areas of spirituality because you have trouble believing and that’s okay. This is why your guides have set people around you to help. But it’s your choice to let them help. Remember you have to trust the process, where spiritually is concerned. You can’t say you believe then turn around & worry about what you’ve put in the spirits hands. Some of you have options and you are not sure where to go. To you I say choose wisely, listen to your soul, follow your intuition. Who do you feel drawn to? That will help you in making your decision. But remember, you have to pay these people that you are connecting with for their time and energy. So it’s not a lost when you are trying to find where you belong. The universe is sending you so many options, so use your discernment and always follow the voice of your soul. You have to determine the direction you are going in no one can do that part for you.

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