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Spiritual Friends??? Or Hidden Enemies & Energies

I never really understood why so many people are eager to have and meet up with “Spiritual Friends”. I feel like because of the lack of spiritual knowledge many people don’t even understand why it’s not a good idea. If you are not well seasoned in your spirituality I would not recommend it because you leave yourself open to being attacked. Everyone is not who they claim to be. You could be leading yourself into a trap & don’t know it. It’s not a good idea to surround yourself around other witches when you do not even know how to protect yourself from harm. If you do not have a spiritual mentor, priest, priestess, Madrina, Houngan etc then I recommend going to your local Botanica to ask questions as well as to buy yourself some protection and warding curios. I am in no way trying to spread fear but instead awareness. A lot of these missing person cases are because people went to meet up with “friends” and they were never seen again. I’m going to do a YouTube tutorial on spiritual safety so I can go into more detail.


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