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Spiritual Consultation

Hey guys if your wondering how to book me for a Spiritual Consultations, here is how. Simply click the link below and book. Once you have booked your appointment, I will contact you directly to set up your session. I know a lot of my clients have small children & they worry the children will be too loud. Trust me it’s okay. I have children of my own so I completely understand it can get loud. Which doesn’t bother me. If you are busy and always on the go, you can receive your consultation through text or email as well. Our goal at The Brujas LAiR is to make sure EVERY CLIENTS needs are met.


My Spiritual Consultations are for those who are seeking spiritual help and or guidance. If you are stressing, depressed, anxiety all over the place and you need counseling or life coaching. This is where you can start to receive help. Everyone doesn’t have $500 an hour, so they go without the help the need. This is also the time you can ask any questions you have about Spirituality, Classes, Ancestors, What you should do Next, Which Path Is Best For you etc. During this consultation we will discuss your needs and goals within spirituality to understand what services fit you best.


So many of you have questions and want real answers. I don’t wait for you to spill the beans & tell me everything, I start off answering your questions before you can ask them. I will not judge you, be rude or anything of that nature. I’m only here to help. Do this for yourself, stop putting it off, stop cheating yourself, and do something you feel pulled to do. You’ve been asking for a sign, you’ve been asking for help & guidance & here it is.


This 45 min session also comes with A Free Mini Tarot Reading. If you have been read by me you know I only use jumper cards. & you know if a lot of cards come out, I’m reading them all. I will NEVER hold a message away, whatever the spirits have for you, you will receive. If you need to chat for more than 45 minutes, guess what the price stays the same.


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