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Spirits & The Cemetery

Did you know that spirits can attach themselves to you in a cemetery? Yes even if it’s for a funeral. There are a lot of lost souls buried at the cemetery. If a person died a violent death or was killed in the act of being violent to another. We have to believe the person is still in that energy. Just because a person is buried does not mean they are at peace. It actually takes some people years and longer to find peace, and some never do.


If you have been to a cemetery and just felt very uneasy, this would be because this lost soul is near you and trying to attach itself to you. Most people aren’t aware of this so I thought I should share this with you. Attachments just don’t happen when you are walking in the grocery stores, letting someone touch your hair or shaking someone’s hand. Attachments can happen anywhere at anytime especially if you have a low vibration. Always keep some from of protection on you and your family. And most importantly RAISE YOUR VIBRATION✨🧞‍♀️🥀


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