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Shadow Wurk & Me

Shadow Wurk is the first level of Spirituality that everyone should focus on first. Before you can get to know anything, within spirituality. You have to first get to know yourself. You have to process your past before you can move towards your future. If your goal is to read tarot & development your mediumship abilities. You have to heal your past traumas, so it does not come up in your readings for your clients. This is why so many people have inaccurate readings, due to the reader’s situations surfacing during the readings.


Your shadow is more important than you think. One of its jobs is to protect you. This may come off as you being defensive to others, however, it’s your shadows nature. Your shadow does not like to stay quiet, because to your shadow, being quite is not standing in your true power. Being quiet to your shadow is being submissive, being quite is what drains your shadow from its nature. Think of it as pulling your shadow out of its atmosphere. Outside of its atmosphere it cannot function properly.


When you are completely off balance with your shadow, your emotions will be out of wack, you’ll feel as if you’re in a daze, you’ll be very aggressive, you’ll have tons of headaches, your anxiety will flare, depression will begin to set in and it will put you in a bad space altogether. Some people do not know how to bring themselves out of that space. Normally this is when people say okay, I need to be to myself. But within being to themselves they are not sure how to process what is happening.


This is when it’s time to reach out and get help to restore you shadows natural settings. You should never be scared to do shadow wurk, because in honesty it’s one of the best things you can do for yourself. This is where self love starts. It’s okay that you may not know how to express what’s happening but there is a solution and that starts with you learning about your shadow, embracing your shadow so that you can be in alignment with yourself. In order to vibrate higher you have to do your shadow wurk.


For more information about this class please contact me directly.


📲 504-291-6978


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