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Shadow Wurk

I was talking to a client yesterday about, how we have to sometimes check ourselves, our behavior, our defense methods. So many of us have always had to defend ourselves, protect ourselves from allowing others to hurt us, and that is perfectly fine. However, the problem comes in when we are no longer in those situations & still react with the same behaviors as if we are, which can ultimately push away the people we actually need in our lives. It easy to respond to a question, or anything that is said with anger. You’ve done it so much it just becomes natural. But the person asking the question truly means you no harm. & sometimes you don’t catch how you’ve reacted until you see the other persons reaction, if you know what I mean. This is why Shadow Wurk is so important. It’s also why I started my Shadow Wurk & Me Classes 7 years ago, so I could help those who wanted to understand their shadow instead of being afraid of it. All of us have a past, but no one has to let it control their future ❤️🖤💫

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