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Since it’s Self Care Saturday, I guess I can drop this 🥳🥳Bruja News today. I will be dropping a new class in September. It will start September 22, 2021. This class is to help women get back into their femininity & personal power. This class is available for private and group sessions. You are also able to pick the days you would like to meet, because everyone has different schedules, and I don’t mean no working around them. My goal is to get you the help you need, in a fashion that fits your day to day needs. This class last 12 weeks which is about 3 months, and it is $44.44 a month. If you would like to be apart of this class or learn more information about this class please let me know. All my contact information is below


Phone:📱 504-291-6978


Email : 📧 the brujas




Youtube Channel:

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