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Remember WHO YOU ARE 💫

When you stem from God/Goddess DNA you will notice how different you are than others. Your vibe is different, the way you carry yourself is different, the clothes you wear, are different, the way you speak is different, the things you allow yourself to be apart of is different and I could keep going. This is because you operate on a higher frequency. Material and Mundane things rarely catch your intention, because you are always focused on building and creating. To others you may seem, aggressive, blunt, and even uncontrollable. But that is because you naturally have a higher purpose and low energy activities do not catch your attention. This may have caused you to be the outsider in many peoples eyes. That is your sign that you are destined for something far greater than you could ever imagine. Because you are not here to fit in, your ENERGY is to big to FIT IN. & it cannot be controlled. #divinebeings #thoughtsofanheiress #energy #god #goddess #rememberwhoyouare

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Royalty Laveaux
Royalty Laveaux
Sep 28, 2022

You are so welcome


Unknown member
Sep 28, 2022

Thank you for this. I needed this message more than I care to admit.

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