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Pluto’s Reconstruction | The Missing Link, To Your Puzzle Of Chaos. What You Need To Know.

Embrace yourself for this months shifts, it's not going to be easy at all. Because it's going to require you to come out of your comfort zone. This shift is going to require you to stand on your own, it's going to require you to stand on what you said, it's going to require you to leave some people where you met them, it's going to require you to see the worth in self, instead of everyone else. 

Some of you are dealing with narcissistic people in your lives and tbh some of those situations are not going to get better. Why because these people cause more chaos in your life then, happiness. Internally you know this but you are hoping and waiting for a change. But you have to understand that no one is going to change when they are dedicated to being stuck in their ways. This is why it's okay for them to do things, but not you. Your biggest lesson is to understand, that change starts with you.

Brujas you have to change the way you move. Period. It’s time to switch it up. You’ve become so predictable that your narcissist, your so called friends, your coworkers and well as your enemies know your moves. And they know what to do and say to get you to move the way they want you to. You are the stings on their guitar, so you can’t see that you’re being played. Plutos Retro has been trying to show you this during its shift, but you've been so stuck into your old habits of trying to change people you neglected to change your surroundings, and change yourself. Your fighting against planetary transitions that are here to help you. Partially because you are listening to people who do not know what they are talking about. Pluto is all about change, death and rebirth, you need to let the old parts of you die so you can live in your purpose, reconstructed in your power, and higher consciousness. This is a spiritual surgery, that is dedicated to changing your life for the better. You cannot vibrate higher on a negative level. 

Someone you are dealing with spiritually, has no real connection to the spiritual realm. Yes this means their own ancestors don't mess with them, which says a lot. 

Your ancestors have been trying to show you this but you can't see it because you are letting this person be your intuition instead of using your own discernment. Not following/listening to YOUR intuition, will have you around all the wrong people, and this includes your enemies. No matter how cool they seem, no matter how much they try to sale you on how many books they’ve read, titles they have, initiations they've done etc, WHAT DOES YOUR GUT SAY? That's what matters. Your intuition warns you and gives you signs. Fake spiritualist will have you  believe in them rather than believing in yourself and your abilities remember that.

When you spend so much time denying or downplaying your intuition it becomes suppressed. You won't be able to tell who is who because your intuitive radar is not working. This is the goal of your enemies, they get on the inside because you allow them, to get so close to you. You have to stop letting people get so close to you especially where spirituality is concerned. This is why it's so important to watch who and what you allow in your energetic field. 

Demonic portals are always opening and closing, and when they do these negative and evil energies come through. 

The veil is another portal and it actually opened up back in August regardless of what others have reported. When these portals open and these toxic energies are released, they attach onto people who have low vibrations. This is why healing and processing your pass traumas is so important. Attachments are real and the more you are around negative energies, people and situations the more that energy feeds. 

The people you are around are very negative, some of them are your trauma buddies, you guys talk about your past and current traumas but you take up too much of your time in these negative energies. You are not able to heal properly, because you use your trauma as a form of bond which keeps you stuck. Dealing with your trauma takes shadow wurk, yes wurk real wurk. The process of healing is a journey of its own, and you have to walk your path not the path of another. You’re dealing with everyone's issues but not your own. That's has to change, Pluto's Retro ends on the 8th at 5:55 PM. Peep the NUMEROLOGY. 555 means MASSIVE CHANGE, 8 is known for ABUNDANCE.

Truthfully your abundance is blocked because of the people you have in your life. How can your life change or advance when you are allowing the same things to happen? How can your life change when you fill your home, your mind, your body, your energy with negative energies daily? Are you even cleansing, praying, talking to your ancestors? If not you need to. Anytime you are taking part in ANY negative energies CLEANSE yourself, your home, your phone, your mirrors everything because that energy sticks.

I hope my post help you guys to move forward and I hope it helps you release yourselves from the negative thoughts and energies in and around your home or energy. If this post help helped you please share it so it may help others as well. I wish all of you the best. If you would like to book a spiritual session with me please do so by using the contact information below. If you are new to my page be sure to follow, so you can see more blog post like this, which are available on my website in the blog section, and on my YouTube Channel. 

Remember to always love yourself first 

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