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Pick A Number 1,2,3 ????

#1 Sometimes the Battle is Within


There is stagnation in your situation, this hold up has nothing to do with anything you did wrong. If you are planning to make a quick move to fix it, you are being guided against that plan. The delay is necessary for what you are about to be blessed with. If you go against this warning your world can come crashing down and you will lose everything you have worked for instead of gaining all the abundance you are waiting on. Don’t let impulsive behavior get the best of you. Use this time to work on yourself so that you are not causing unnecessary delays. I always say work with the planets instead of against them. If your Empress energy is off balance. Find ways to ground yourself, to help control your worrying and anxiety. Meditation will help you as well. Start doing things to vibrate higher and continue to cleanse yourself and your energy. If you focus on these areas instead of worrying and not having patience. You will pass your test & have all you could ever desire.

#2 Focus A lot Is Being Revealed (Neptune is in Retrograde)🧘🏽‍♀️

There is a lot going on within your world right now. So many things are being revealed & you’re not sure what to do. For some this involves family, people that you never thought would turn their back on you have. Some are dealing with past traumas, and issues within their relationships as well. If you know you need to heal do so. Don’t let past traumas get in between your relationship, communicate with your other half, and listen when they speak as well. Don’t yell don’t fight, talk. Let them understand you instead of saying the don’t understand. The healing you are looking for may be right there but you are letting the wrong things come between you. If you and this person have had past issues and they have changed, don’t keep bringing up the past, that’s not helping anyone, if you decided to work things out work them out, don’t make things worse. If there is no working it out then release each other, so you guys can be happy. For a few of you it may be your coworkers or even your neighbors you are have issues with, or something may have been revealed about them. If there is something being revealed to you, it’s because it’s to help you make a decision on continuing a relationship/friendship etc with that person(s). If you are thinking about cutting that person(s) off, it may be a good idea depending on what took place. If this person is gossiping about you, I feel like you know what it is that needs to be done, because they are clearly not for you. They could also be the blockage that’s causing things to delay. I can see deck 1 is not the only one with delays. These revelations may take you to a breaking point, but if you look a the brighter side, these secrets have to be revealed so you know how to move going forward. Now you can move forward with a new understanding so you don’t have to worry or guess. This applies to those dealing with family issues as well. A lot of you are not seeing eye to eye with your families. Speak your truth and keep it moving. It’s time to heal, it’s not time to sit and dwell in low vibrational energy. You are being pushed in a new direction, but everything seems so hard because you are trying to use the same techniques. My grandma always said there is more ways to skin a cat. Open your mind and study what the situation is before just jumping head first. It doesn’t really look like you have been good at planning in the past, and it has cost you. Please don’t make that mistake again. The 3 of Cups is here to bring good news, and new blessings. You may be having a baby or birthing a lot of ideas. Either way be careful who you tell. You have some people around who don’t have you best interest.

#3 Time To Stand In Your Power & Go For What You Want

It seems like it’s hard for you to except the truth. Trust me I get it, but you can’t keep lying to yourself. You owe it to yourself to handle your business and pour into yourself what you have been pouring into others over the years. You are beyond tired & you are not grounded in your element. No matter how many times you say you’re okay your not. & the people who actually want to help you, you’re pushing them away because you have a big ego. No listen, there is nothing wrong with having a big ego, but don’t let your pride get in your own way where you crash and burn yourself. Flow your energy from a pure source not a angry action. You’ve come to far to be petty, so don’t lower yourself to their level. Let your smile, your life, your vibration and abundance speak for you. You don’t always have to get the last word. It’s in your nature to be open, pure of heart, and to be honest. But those you hold close to you don’t have in them what you have in you. It’s easy for you to accept what others choose to do, but you don’t get that in return. & you have been feeling that within you more and more but keep ignoring it, which is why it’s so intensified now. Don’t let these social situations stop you because the 9 cups is here to remind you everything is almost complete. So don’t give up, it may seem like a storm now but that’s only a ground view level. Remember to always look from a birds eye view, instead of a ground view. You have to shift your perception and stop thinking the world is happening to you. Sometimes it’s happening for you. This is why getting clarity is important. The Page of Wands card is here to let you know you have the creativity but there are a few things you need to work on. This may be your professionalism, you may want to be cool and understandable but the position you’re taking on requires for you to stand strong in your belief and your opinions about certain matters. You cannot change your opinion because others don’t see it from your view or agree, stand true in it and watch how things workout. You have to get your strength up if you want this position and you have to be blunt. Remaining professional is highly essential, there are people who are looking to use any form of unprofessionalism against you.

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