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Monthly Planetary ASTRO Forecast| 🎩 Transits for DECEMBER| Message: Unlock Your Destiny 🔓

Author: Royalty

Monthly Planetary ASTRO Forecast.  🎩


Transits for DECEMBER❤️🔓✨💯🎩🌂



It’s the end of the year moonbeams. It’s been a rough journey but you’ve made it here, regardless of everything you had to grow through. The power you have been looking for in others. You have ALWAYS had within you. You have been repeating the same lessons because you refuse to step out your comfort zone. Recent events have given you no choice but to see things clearly, you legit have to depend on yourself now. You give to so many, because your HEART CHAKRA 💚 is completely activated. However, your good heart is the reason others take your kindness for weakness, which always leaves you broken and hurt. You are always the giver but never the receiver. The UNIVERSE is not okay with this at all because the UNIVERSE has a higher purpose for you that you cannot see.

Each time you forget your soul contract the UNIVERSE, YOUR ANCESTORS & SPIRITUAL TEAM seek to remind you. But you let others who do not share your abilities tell you what and how things should be done. A non spiritual person cannot guide one born to the spirits. Your first mistake was listening to everyone around you. If they truly do not have good intentions for you, why would they give you ANY valuable information? Neptune has been trying to get you to tap into your intuition but you have only made excuses, which is why you are experiencing so many delays.

Unlocking your destiny is the key to opening the roads that are closed to you. This month you have a decision. Do you complain and maintain or do you stand on your own and unlock the chains to free yourself from this energy prison? Mercury the planet of communication will download messages & assist you in communicating with others as well as yourself. If you get out of your EGO, you can hear the true messages the UNIVERSE is trying to deliver to you. Divination will help you to understand, what exactly you need to do. I recommend booking a reading with your spiritual therapist asap.

We are in the season of the dead, which is why it’s cold in so many countries & states. There are so many (too many to count) evil and negative forces out here during this time. If you vibrate on a low level this season will effect you the most. This is why it’s ESSENTIAL TO VIBRATE HIGHER. (If you are not sure how get with your spiritualist so they can help you, this is what they are for.) You have to make up in your mind that you are NOT DEALING WITH NEGATIVITY TO GET THROUGH THIS SHIFT‼️ That is the ONLY WAY you will get through this. These negative forces are here to bring anything and anyone they can DOWN. THEY FEED AND SURVIVE OFF NEGATIVITY. Are they around you? Ask yourself how negative it’s been around you lately and then again, GET WITH YOUR SPIRITUALIST. (You guys ask for the spirits to help you and then don’t take the help.) If you keep sitting down soaking in depression, what could be, what’s not, focusing on this person and that. You are literally going to be taken over by these negative forces‼️

Cleansing is a must. This is why you hear people say out with the old in with the new! Contrary to popular belief you need to cleanse daily, hourly in VERY negative spaces and places. Frequencies, Energies, Portals, etc all enter mingle with each other. Portal’s don’t open at certain points of the year, they open on a daily, hourly, on by minute basis. Just as things are going out, things are coming in. In truth the work is never done, when you are born to the spirits. Once you complete on lesson or test more will come. Why? So you can learn how to deal with them, how can you break a hex if you don’t learn HOW TO DO IT? This is the School of the Spirits & class is in session. Just turn on the tv, it’s not hard to see.

Many of you are seeking for a date, time, of when everything is going to change for you. You are going to wait longer pushing against divine timing. In pushing you blindfold and blindside yourself to the overall situation. You still fail to accept these situations can be avoided if you follow the path instead of trying to control it. Unlocking your destiny means letting go of what you think is right. Because we are not always right where the DIVINE is concerned. Your belief is not fact. And your way hasn’t changed anything either. This shift, this month, this timing where we are right now is about soul contracts. When you are being born you forget your previous life as well as the contracts and agreements you made. The UNIVERSE is trying to give you hints but you are the type to take all the credit. And that is NOT working out for you. Your contract, the answers you seek, you are running away from because you know when they are unlocked nothing can go back to what is was. There are something’s you DON’T WANT TO REMEMBER ABOUT YOUR PAST BECAUSE OF THE TRAUMA. So the real question is, is your soul afraid of who it has become? Or are you hindering your soul, from who it was sent here to be?


Take the parts that resonate with you & don’t not worry about what doesn’t.

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This post and it’s contents is copy written under THE BRUJAS LAIR

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