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Misconception’s of Mercury Retrograde 🥀🌸⚡️☺️✨🌼🌼

Mercury Retrograde gets a bad rep and that's mostly because people do not understand how to work with the planets energy. Mercury is a very challenging planet, it goes beyond to treat you to see if you are ready for everything you ask for.

People Returning From Your Past

How many of us have cut a person or a group of people out of lives for our sanity, security, peace, because of bad vibes 🥴, maybe your ancestors said to stay away or simply because they operate in a low frequency and your vibration is higher. Regardless of the reason(s) Mercury is going to hold you accountable and test you to see if these people are out of your system. This is why so many people come back and try to reach out to you. Yes they may feel guilty because of how things played out between you guys but that's also Mercury working with them concerning communication.

Delays/Starting Something New

Tbh there are always delays, but the upside of delays is that you have more time to prepare and get organized. If you use this time wisely, everything will go smoothly and work into your favor. You might even receive a better offer during the delays. Remember the planets themselves are massive energy forces. So be careful of how you speak certain things over your life where energy is concerned, your negative words could be the very thing that blocks you.

For some of you guys Mercury may spark a fire of collective creativity in you. So if you are bursting with ideas, definitely begin to write them out and remember to watermark anything concerning your business. People love to steal other people’s creative ideas and pass them off as their own. So watch out for that if you have your own business.

If you have plans that were already in motion or if you get that call you've been waiting on. Don't put it off because it's Mercury retrograde. Instead take your time read over everything 3 times or more if you have to, but don't stop what's in motion. In other words, use the energy to help you grow instead of stagnating yourself and situation.


Yes your attitude may be heightened but use your words wisely and communicate what you are trying to say properly. Mercury Retro is said to make communications harder but that's not true for those who used its energy to communicate collectively in a way where all parties can be heard to reach an effective solution.

Mercury Retrograde and any other retro will effect everyone differently. You have the choice of tuning into the good parts or the bad parts, but it's important that you understand that you have to control yourself and your responses. Mercury doesn't own that you do and you have to take accountability for that not Mercury.

This is why I teach my on my personal theory and term the RRR Effects of Retrograde because there are so many misconceptions about retrogrades in general. I hope my information helped you and if it did please feel free to let me know down in the comments.

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