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I’m not going to say any names, because I respect everyones privacy & I don’t want anyone to feel like I’m trying to pick on them or expose their situation in anyway. I believe in respect, in any situation. Ok. First let me say here is a virtual hug, because you are going through so much right now. I feel you guys energy. I can see visions of you crying, and when others come around some of you have been trying to hide it. I see you depressed, not eating properly, and pulling away from people, you need to be around. The death of the ones you have lost has been very hard to process. Death is never easy, and it’s okay for you to cry, it’s okay to be sad and miss them. So please don’t hide it. Let it out, what you are doing is natural, it’s okay to grieve, you’re processing your emotions. Bottled up emotions are not good at all for your health. Those you have lost, want you to know that they are okay, and it’s okay to express your emotions for them. They are more so in fear for you because of the way you are taking this loss. Some of them do not want to be where they are, but they are not in harms way. It’s okay to speak out and talk to them. I know you are mourning but I must tell you something about setting up pictures and altars. If you have created a altar or vigil sacred space for them. Please make sure that the pictures only have your loved one in the photo. You should never mixed pictures in sacred spaces of the dead & the living. It’s also good to wait at least six months before setting up a space, in order to give the person time to transition. Sometimes it takes even longer for the spirits to transition and some never transition for different reasons. This transition, is very hard for some especially if their life ended violently. In these cases, the spirit is angry and does not understand why they died, and may want revenge, not towards you but towards the person(s) involved. When a altar is put up it pulls the spirits energy is various ways. You may even notice within your home, how heavy the energy is so please be careful and safe. If you feel this, you need to cleanse your home properly with smudges, Vesta powder, and or in conjunction with floor washes. There are many ways to cleanse your home, this is just to give you an idea. Make sure you have the windows and doors open so the energy can go out. Things are going to get better, there is not date on mourning, but please make sure you are talking and reaching out to others. If someone doesn’t want to hear it or have time or whatever please keep going until you find someone or a group who can help you.

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