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Mercury & Pluto Just Out Here Retrograding. Here’s what you need to know🌝🌹🌟

I told you guys Mercury & Pluto didn’t come to play. The people who turned their backs on you, the ones who were not loyal to you, the ones who betrayed you, hated on you etc all those who did you wrong, are coming back, seeking forgiveness. But how are you going to respond? It’s no reason to go off on them and disrupt your energy. After all, what is the purpose of growth if you can’t hold your composure? Trust, they remember what they did, but they also see your growth, they see how your life has changed without them, and they see you had no problem leaving them behind. In honesty, they even miss you because they know you are a genuine person. They could only hide who they were for so long, which is why you pulled away in the first place.

Mercury wants to know have you learned your lessons though, or are you going to let these types of toxic people back into your life. Decisions, decisions right? This is where Pluto comes in because Pluto is ready to put an end to the old you so the new you can live. But some of you are stuck in the title instead of the principal. Most of them are just trying to see what they can get away with. Why go back to that? Why keeping living in the same situation only to complain later? It’s not the universe hurting you it’s your actions, you refuse to see because of the goodness in your heart. Don’t let ANYONE play one your character. We all have the same 24 hours in the day. So don’t let anyone guilt you because you used your time wisely. Remember your peace is apart of your mental structure -ThoughtsOfAnHeiress


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