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May’s Astrology Forecast Taurus ♉️ / Gemini ♊️ Season

Communication is key, rebirth is necessary, and strength is required.

This season, is focused on elevating you, your desires, wants needs, love life and even your career. The tricky part is can you conquer yourself? Can you connect with your shadow side and your higher consciousness, so you can excel and achieve your goals? Ask yourself what past mistakes have you made or what mistakes have you seen others make? What did you learn from those situations? So you don’t repeat the same patterns. Lessons are at big part of Mercurys Retrograde as well as toxic patterns and cycles. Mercurys wishes to see you communicate better so you are not doing the same toxic things that are causing you to reap the same destructive patterns. We have about 2 weeks left. If you are experiencing repeated lessons these are a signs that you have not learned that particular lesson or set of lessons the planet is trying to teach you.

Don’t Forget to Check Your EGO

Tbh your ego may be the reason. I understand you are a very proud person, you like to plan and have all of your ducks in a row. You’re bursting with ideas and if you believe that your way is the best way to a solution there is no convincing you otherwise, however how has that been working out for you? Try something new. Don’t be afraid to step out your comfort zone. Everything is not meant to stay in the same repeated loop. Listen to the ideas of others brainstorm together to come up with the perfect plan. This may help you and you co workers get along better. This positive pattern of thinking may even help you in relationships. Remember communication is key

In matters of Love❤️

Full moon in Scorpio is bring romance and understanding where relationships are concerned. Some of you will be getting proposals, some of you will be getting pregnant, some of you will be moving in with your partner, meeting the family for the first time, I feel a lot of positivity when it comes to love. This full moon is going to give the right nudge you need to shift things in a positive manner. For some of you, your partner is seeing the real you for the first time so they are falling in love with you all over again. For some of you, things are not going as good, as this is because you feel the need to control the relationship and the process in which the relationship should go. You may have to stand firm and strong at work to show people your opinions and beliefs manner. But when it comes to your relationship with your other half, tone it down a bit. Could you stand to listen to your partner more? What about doing things their way for once instead of doing things your way all the time? Could you be more open to your partner about what you are truly feeling? Or are you going to continue to be upset with them, for things they don’t even know are bothering you? Remember it’s not someone’s fault for loving you the only way they know how.


You wanted that job and that chance to show your team you could run things. And it looks like you are about to receive a great opportunity to do just that. Instead of being so snobbish about your new position, remember where you came from. You ego is too loud at this point especially within your job and it’s making people not like you. You have this victim mentality but you’re the one picking the fights at work. Do not make the team regret giving you this position. If you keep going on this path you will lose this job and everything will fail. This would be because you’ve forgotten where you’ve come from. You have been hiding you feelings about your personal life in your job and it’s effecting how you treat others. Don’t become the people you complain about. Be sure to communicate what you want within theworkplace as miscommunication leads to misunderstandings.

Delays. To start a new project or nah?🤔

If you have any new opportunities such as  a living opportunity(new home, apartment, condo,) school, job TAKE IT. Please do not fall for the hype that you cannot start anything new during Mercury Retrograde. This is false information spread by people who do not know anything about astrology. Make sure before you agree to anything at any time not just during retrogrades that you understand all ins and outs. Be sure to double check legal documentation before signing, check packages before shipping, etc. It doesn't make sense to pass on a job, a home, a car because of retrograde. If you don’t take those opportunities you may end up on the streets. So focus on what matters and trust this is coming to you in divine timing. There is alot of miscommunication in understanding the planets motives. Remember be sure to understand the agreement when it comes to the new home, new car, etc. no what you are getting yourself into befor you sign anything.

I hope this post helps you guys. If it did please like and share so others can receive this blessings as you did. Thank you -Röyal

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