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Master of The Head

🎴🎴🎴🎴🎴Card for the Day🎴🎴🎴🎴🎴

🌬✨To know & be aligned with the Master of one's Head is to function according to one's own unique place in the Universe 🧘🏽‍♀😎👑⚖

The Master of the Head is the Self(You) on an exalted plain. The Master is the Loa/Lwa that expresses & embodies the highest qualities of an individual. The term Master in this card is not that of an external force controlling an individual, as a term like schoolmaster implies. If you pay attention to this card the man is drumming, and calling down his Loa/lwa, this is so that he can consult with the Master of His Head. When you work with the Loa/lwa there will be various times you have to drum down your Loa/lwa and when you call, please believe they will come. If you have questions about a certain situation in your life or you are not sure what to do next, it’s always best to call on the Loa that have been chosen to walk with you. Yes that means you can have more than one. Sometimes the Loa/lwa will appear in your dreams to reveal things to you that are coming or pose a danger to you. This is why it is important to also be the Master of one’s on head. When you are not you will believe anything anyone tells you instead of following your Ancestors or Spiritual team. If you ever receive this card in a reading it can mean a few things. One of those things being initiation(which the spirits control the when The Who etc), the Loa/Lwa are trying to communicate with you, it’s time to stop procrastinating, and a few other things. The Master of the Head is a Loa/Lwa capable of integrating the various qualities of the mind that you need for what is to come next on your journey & personality into a coherent , directed whole. This card is a great card of initiation.

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