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MARS RETROGRADE22 💫 Here’s what you need to KNOW about this transition. Messages From The Universe

Messages From The Universe By✨☀️


⚠️Repeated lessons 🥴 Mars Faceoffs with EVERYTHING stagnating your process, including you‼️


Finally I’m going to discuss this transit.  Are you guys REALLY ready for this? Because Mars is my planet. My inner Aries has been WAITING PATIENTLY for the Divine to give me the RIGHT TIMING to deliver this message. I wanted to go into this on October 30th, but the Divine said wait. So here we are in the divines timing, so let’s tap into this spiritual download, that is sure to take the COLLECTIVE down this rabbit hole 🕳 of ILLUMINATION ☄️✨🔥

Being that Mars is in the 1 first house, because it rules Aries ♈️. There is a lot, none Aries don’t understand about this placement in their chart. Aries are many things, warriors, aggressive, impulsive, angry, blunt, uncontrollable, creative, fierce, strong minded, strong willed, , visionaries, naturally intuitive, defensive, leaders, powerful, courageous, loving even though that love can be hard, beautiful, and of course essential. I could keep going but instead I’m going to explain the attributes of Aries, because the truth is everyone thinks we are arrogant a$$h0l€$ but we aren’t.

In truth, meaning what no other can deny, the Zodiac Chart starts with us. Meaning we are the guardians of all the signs. To me that means we have a very big responsibility, as we are the leaders of the Zodiac Tribe. Many of us get angry when people lie to us, try to use us, or try to force of to do things that are against our nature(As anyone should). See this is the side no one is taking about. No one says why Aries get mad, they just joke about Aries and their fierce attitudes, but for some reason never include the why 🤷🏽‍♂️🤔.

As Aries we see and sense more than any other sign, as it’s our job to protect and guide other Zodiacs in the right direction, which makes us perfect leaders, because we are true visionaries. Mars is a very aggressive planet, in fact it has been known to be ruled by Ares the God of War, and African Deities such as Kamalu (Ibo), Hevyoso (Dahomey), Chango (Yoruba). These Deities/Spirits/Gods etc are NOT to be played with, and if you’ve read or researched the lore on them, I’m sure you know this.

Mars is here to WIPEOUT ANYTHING that is in the way of your growth & success. The Planetary transits that have taken place this year, have literally set the center stage for you to have everything you want. Jupiter is the planet of Abundance and it is still currently in retro. It’s retro ends November 23, 2022, which is 17 days and 1 hours from now. Jupiter also rules intuition, luck, good fortune as well as many other areas of abundance. Neptune, and Uranus are also assisting Mars by continuing to download creativity, intuitional guidance, freedom, and change. #555

Mars knows you heart gets in the way of your future. I’m glad you’re a good person, Mars is glad and happy for you, but not when it puts you in a repetitive cycle of decay. Look back on this year and think, how many times has your spiritual team, been sending you this message? The message(s) that you keep ignoring? You make excuses for the same people, who do not wish you well. You know they don’t but you still keep them around, and complain about them? Why?

Mars ask, why do you keep asking for blessings? But then you bind them. It doesn’t makes sense, but it does make planetary sense that Mars would come into retro after the Planets Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Mercury which come back into Retro on December 12, 2022. Which also makes sense because Mercury is the planet of making you stand of what you said, which is why people hate it 😂🤷🏽‍♂️. #mercury

Mars retro is about to make you turn up and speak your MIND! Now how you speak it, is up to you. As an uncontrollable Aries 🤣🤭😁, I can say I have learned to only worry about things that are in my control. Why because those things I can fix, such as the way I respond, speak my mind, what I decide or don’t decide to take part in etc. The reason I joke about being an uncontrollable Aries because people have ALWAYS wanted me to do WHAT THEY WANT ME TO DO THE WAY THEY WANT ME TO DO IT 🤢🥴 & just because a person feels their way is right. Doesn’t mean that it is. In honesty if their way is right, then why does the idealism of using your own discernment exist?

I love being uncontrollable, why because that means NO ONE CONTROLS ME, IT MEANS I DO NOT LIVE IN A STATE OF FEAR. As I have said in many post and articles before this one. Fear and control are cousins. When something or someone can cause you to be in fear, then, they or whatever you fear controls you. And my friends, my family, because I consider anyone who follows me my tribe, I love you guys I REALLY DO, but it’s time for you to wake up my loves. You are given in to things you NEED TO LET GO OF.

Mars is not having it 😂. Mars is turning over tables, throwing drinking, f*** the scissors ✂️ MARS is using Hedge Shears 🤭😂, Swords, Enchanted Knives to break you out of the binds of bondage that you have let take over your life. The vibes around you are so strong and deep. In my vision I see the two of swords ⚔️. I see you bound by the very people you have tried to help and protect. Mars says this is over. It’s time to TRULY FREE YOURSELF FROM THIS MENTAL PRISON. Your time is now, and if you do not move and you continue to stay stagnant and resist the assistance from the planets, you will not find help from them. Your lessons will only get harder.

Remember everyone doesn’t have YOUR HEART. Some people are using the goodness of your heart to use you for their own selfish gains. How can you expect a person to change when you won’t change? These are the questions the universe has for you?

This post and post like it will be only uploaded to my website, YouTube and Patreon. As I am working with platforms that don’t want to censor my message to the collective.

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