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It’s Time To Work On Those Manifestations 💫

It’s Tuesday 💚🖤

The moon is currently in first quarter, once this transition is over the moon will begin its waxing stage as it enhances its energy for the FULL MOON. The FULL WOLF 🐺 MOON 🌝 In Cancer will be at its fullest on January 17, 2022. It’s the first FULL MOON of the year. So it’s best to affirm your intentions for this coming year. Ahora (Now) is a perfect time to begin gathering what you need for your Manifestation Ritual, this includes crystals, herbs, offerings etc. Remember the more you give, the more you receive as long as your intentions are pure nothing can hold you back. #FullMoonVibes #KosmicBabe #Astrology #Rituals #Manifestation #Intentions #Focus #YearofAbundance #WitchyVibes #CubanKreoleBruja #LineageWitch #Magick #Intuition #FirstQuarter #FullMoon #WolfMoonInCancer #UranusGoesDirect January 18, 2022 ❤️

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