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It’s Okay To Remove Toxic People From Your Life

It’s okay to leave, it’s okay to move out, it’s okay to cut them off. It’s okay to REMOVE YOURSELF FROM ANY TOXICITY YOU FEEL IN YOUR LIFE. Why? Because how can you heal? How can you make things better in a toxic environment, where you are not understood? How can anything get better when people refuse to hear you? We live in a world where people want to be understood but do not want to understand‼️That’s not okay. Nor is it okay for friends, family or co workers to tell or force you to deal with people YOU DONT WANT TO DEAL WITH. When you cut people off or stop talking to them there is a reason and that REASON OR PURPOSE NEEDS TO BE RESPECTED. If others don’t understand, GUESS WHAT IS IT THEIR BUSINESS TO IN THE FIRST PLACE? This world is on a major hypocritical wave. Everyone knows what to do when it comes to your situation but THEY NEVER KNOW what to do with their own. So with that being said LIVE YOUR LIFE💯🎯‼️

-ThoughtsOfAnHeiress 🌟

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