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I Want To Share My Proud Santera Moment

Proud Santera Moment 🥹

When your Madrina, cry’s while you’re doing your ritual, and she tells you that “ You’ve come so far, on your journey, mi vida it’s been a pleasure watching you grow as a woman, as a mother, as a Manbo, into a Santera, and now you have graced your ancestors by becoming an Iyanifa in IFA. Your picture and your name should be in the dictionary under dedication because you are the most dedicated soul I know. You were born to the spirits, they have always been with you, they will never leave you. They protect you beyond measure, this is why you are the tower, because you gracefully get through anything that has comes your way. When I met you, you were only 5, and your foster mother told me to help you, to lead you, and guide you and that’s what I did. Not only have you made Cuba proud but you leave your grace wherever you go. You are the best godchild anyone could ever be graced to have. This world is better because you’re in it. From the very moment I met you, at your first protection ritual although you were only 5 I knew you would change the world because of the love you had for others, at such an early age. I looked a Lizzy (My Manbo who initiated me into voodoo) and said she’s the one to change the world.” I’ve been on this journey for 33 years, and I’m STILL learning. I am so humble because everyday is a learning experience and being able to help people like my ancestors did is my passion and my testament of truth. It’s about tradition for me. It’s about making those who walked this earth before me proud, being a foster child, my only focus was my ancestors. This is why I dedicated my life to spirituality as a child and I have never looked back since, I only forward. I grew up in this life and have never, and will never let anything or anyone pull me away from it. Even tho all my elders won’t see this because they don’t do social platforms I’m humbly & forever grateful to all my elders, and for everyone who has been apart of my growth and success. THANK YOU 🫶🏽✨🙌🏽🙏🏽 💖

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