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Here’s What You Need To Know About Scorpio Season ♏️

This Scorpio season is REALLY doing it’s thing. Let’s talk about it because this season is showing out and showing up FULL FORCE. So many of you are in these tower moments but it’s a small thing to you because you have built yourself up too many times. You realize that everything is not falling out of place but falling into alignment. You’ve already realized, these people have to go, as they have no benefit to your future. Your intuition has shown you that those people are what’s been stagnating your success. You are literally having a life overview rn because you are more focused on your future and what that looks and feels like.

🫨 Spiritual Surgery Stage Of Scorpio Season ♏️

On the other hand, for some of you, it may feel like a spiritual surgery. Why because you haven’t done the necessary work in order to ascend. Nor have you own up to something you’ve been hiding. Remember what you put out in the universe is what you get out, so if you are lying to people, they are going to lie to you, if you are cheating people out of something, you are going to be cheated. If you are sending evil energy out, that is what the universe is going to send to you. Some of you are pretending to be one way in front of others, but behind closed doors you have a very dark soul. If this is tou, you need to heal and go get help. Taking accountability for your actions and or your role in situations is your responsibility and so is, doing what’s right. This is what will help you survive this transit. Scorpio season is about death and rebirth. Your old habits, your old way of thinking, your egotistical attitude etc all that has to go if you want to have abundance.

😌Rebirth Stage of Scorpio Season ♏️

For those of you who are in the rebirth stage life is really looking up for you, are are not experiencing no delays, no issues, or problems in any situation. You put in the time, the dedication, the money, and the hard work so this is your season and it’s going to be everlasting as Saturn goes direct which focuses on your future and the success of your career. You’ve done all the shadow work, you’ve taken the time to heal your mind, body, and your soul. You are no longer worried or dealing with any toxic behavior, no longer dealing with people who do not respect you or your purpose. You no longer allow others to use you or lie to you as you see everything for what it is. The old you made excuses for people’s behavior but not this version of you.

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