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I’ve been so busy since I’ve been here, but I didn’t want to let the night past without giving you guys a Full Moon Reading. This is not a projection, only reflection into what viewers may be experiencing. This can be for you, or someone you know. So

take only what resonates with you and your situation, do not worry about what doesn’t. I look forward to getting back to my readings with you guys next week. You guys are the REAL MVPS. I read all your POSITIVE COMMENTS, and I appreciate those of you who show me gratitude and appreciation. It really means a lot to me.

Who ever is dealing with a toxic person(s) don’t worry about them. You have to let bothered people be bothered. Remember, if they are copying you, they can’t make their next move till you do. One thing about people, especially spiritual people they can hear, see, and feel when a person is not authentic, so those who copy you won’t last long nor will they receive any abundance because they are NOT GENUINE. Don’t waste any time or energy on them, don’t give into the drama. Don’t respond to dumb or toxic text, comments, or people (I definitely don’t). So don’t even engage that type of conversation.

They just want a reaction out of you, so don’t make them famous. Trolls do troll $hit remember that. We are Kings and Queens, we don’t get off our thrones to address PEASANTS. So keep your vibe high and stay away from any negativity, because as you know vampires love you suck the energy right out of you. Just like the cards say, your light irritates their demons so stay unfazed and continue to shine bright. You have so much abundance coming your way, and abundance attracts haters and naysayers. Stand on business and keep doing what you’re doing because your definitely on the right path ♥️ #thebrujaslair




⚠️ All my post are shared on my platforms, therefore copying and pasting my post is considered a copyright violation as I do not give anyone the right to copy or reuse my content.

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