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As the Full Moon In Cancer intensifies, so will your emotions. Cancer is an emotional sign and the Full Moon heightens anything in its path, which is why people say it must be a full moon when something crazy happens. Being aware of this energies capabilities, can help you through its phase. Don’t be surprised if you’re bursting with energy. The Full Moon effects everyone definitely.

The Full Moon has a strong history of exposing and revealing things others wish to keep in secret 🐺💫. Don’t be surprised if the hidden agendas of those around you are revealed. Remember to control your emotions, think before you act, for some of you, you’ve been looking for a way out anyway, so be swift and quiet and meanwhile take your exit. No one needs to know your next move.

Check in with your intuition as it will guide you in the necessary directions. Some situations may make you emotional but don’t let your enemies see you sweat. This is the time to link with family and friends you can trust. If you are feeling drained call on the moons energy to restore within you what you have lost. Certain transitions may be hard but they are needed to assist in reshaping your life for all you have been asking for.

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