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Don't Let People Treat You Like You Are Disposable | Let Your Get Back Be You Choosing Your Peace

Author: Royalty

Date: October 27, 2022

Time: 3:33 P.M.

Topic: Don't Let People Treat You Like You Are Disposable

Let's Drive Into It

Has anyone been feeling, this energy lately? It's like the audacity of people is at an all time high! Everyone is trying to throw you off your game, they are trying to make you feel like, nothing is going to get done without them, like they have no need for you, as if they have taken everything they needed, or they've absorbed all the power/energy they needed, when it comes to conversation it's literally always about them, and what they're doing, but anything concerning you, means a shift in conversation, the energy of being supreme and or superior, as if they own you, your power, and your power is nothing compared to them. It's like you can literally smell the narcissism in the air. Now what I don't understand is, how they've come up with these logics at all. I feel like you guys may be experiencing these shifts at work, at home, even with so called friends. In simple terms, it's a power /energy grab, most people feed off your energy until it's nothing left to feed off of, or until you break that connection. Facts always overrule fiction. So if they needed you before they will need you again. But now that you see WHAT is going on, it's up to you to allow yourself to be apart of these inconvenient, unstable, negative energies or not.

Planetary shifts, have pulled align transitions in alignment with your desire, for you to LITERALLY have everything you need and want in your life, but you're holding on, to something you don't need. Now yes you hear/ read me saying this a lot but that's because it's the truth. You guys love holding on to people, places, things, situations etc that you need to let go. This is why people treat you like you are disposable. They feel like no matter what they do to you, that you won't leave them alone. This is where you have lost your power and given it away. If a situation is not helping you, remove yourself out of that situation, free your energy of that toxic environment, so you can move on with your life. You have so much to offer the world, but you are letting people who don't matter, matter. If they do not care about you or your well being why do you continue to allow them to treat you this way. Let your get back, be you choosing your peace. Don't be out here bringing down your vibe, your energy, your character to compete with what hurt you. Deal with your traumas, and keep fighting. The universe is literally on your side, and the Divine is testing you to see, if you are really ready, for everyone you have asked for. Energy is everything, you have to know when you tune in, and when to tune out.

This is why relationships are important, how you treat people is important. The Divine is always watching, the Spirits, Gods, Goddesses, Tha Loa, The Orisha, your Ancestors, your Spiritual Team is always watching, literally all the time. So with that being said NOTHING IS HIDDEN FROM THEM. They see it all, they know the real you and your intentions. So if it is you that is treating people this way this is your confirmation to change, and if you are being treated this way, it's time for you to free yourself of this mental prison and move forward in your life so you can advance. This is the time for you to get out of a place of stagnation. Change your outlook of yourself, learn to pull strength from within, learn to support yourself. Learn that you may have to be there for yourself. That includes, clapping for your own accomplishments. Learn how to not allow yourself to be used. Learn to see the obvious. Learn to not hold yourself back. Your blessings are for you so it's not meant for everyone around you, because they are not there genuinely. It's time for you to become more dependent on yourself. You need you❤️



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