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Do you have blockages

If things are not working in your favor, don’t get discouraged. It just means you need to figure out, what the issue is. Also don’t get back into the toxic energy of saying, everything is always like this and nothing happens good for me. Because what you are doing is manifesting your future with toxic words. This is the ROOT reason why everything is so bad for you right now. If things always are bad for you then you have some serious reflecting to do.

Have you noticed, as things don’t go your way you give up, that’s a toxic pattern you need to break from ASAP. Life happens, things happen, but don’t be so quick to blame others, or speak negativity in your life. How do you know your belief & faith are not being tested? When blessings peep through your toxicity you become happy again. And some take the credit for the blessing when just seconds ago they didn’t believe it was possible. Which causes other blocks.

It doesn’t matter who you pray to, but how do you think they feel when your faith and belief is lost so quickly? Would you help you? When your actions don’t match your own words? Did you ever think maybe what you wanted, they knew it was not good for you? Or that something was going to come up, so they had to change your course. When one door is closed another opens, don’t be the blockage that’s stopping your blessings from coming into fruition.

If you have blockages you need to remove them or have them removed. & sometimes you need to check yourself your energy as well as your actions in these situations, because sometimes they are intentionally holding your blessings back because of how you treat people, how you use them for your gain. When it’s time to do your part rather, that be paying someone you owe, returning something someone lent to you, or anything someone provided when you were in need, you need to handle your part. The spirits will not bless you when you are treating people wrong or using others for personal gain.

They will also disrupt your life and make things worse because you are knowingly doing things wrong. Remember spiritual beings & psychics see everything, and they all handle you accordingly. So make sure you are doing right by people including yourself so you are not blocking anything the universe has for you.


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