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Current Energy Transit | Understanding the Veil | Low Frequency Vs High Frequency


Topics: Current Energy Transit | Understanding the Veil | What Happens When You Vibrate on A Low Frequency & What Happens When You Vibrate On A Higher Frequency

Written By: Royalty Laveaux

Friday November 17, 2023 12:00 P.M

Current Energy Transit

Everything I’ve been trying to warn people about since 2015 is happening right now. The thing about being intuitive is, everyone is not going to receive your messages, as to them they are only theories, and that’s okay, because everyone will not always resonate or innerstand these messages, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. In 2015, I had a dream about the world shifting into the transit of chaos, which in 2023 we can easily see chaos has become more common ,because no one is really even shocked, when these things happen. In this dream I saw so much evil, being released into this planet. And since that dream, crime has gotten worse, there have been so many people losing their lives to violence, wars, and sickness. All you have to do is turn on your  tv to the news where you live and there it is. It’s almost like the horseman have been released. Although it may not been hitting your area directly, parts or the world are effected in a major way.

In 2019, I posted that 2020, would be the year of revelation, this is because I saw more and more people being awakened to their spiritual gifts, as well as them trying to learn more about their ancestors. Everyone one around me, was having their DNA test done, so they could find out who and where their ancestors lived or came from. I was very happy, I mean I was lit because this is what I’ve been trying to get people to see and do, because the answers to what is happening in  their lives now, can only be understood, by visiting their ancestors past. I don’t know about you, but I grew up in a foster family, and my parents were elders in spirituality. I always found myself mesmerized by their stories, as well as their work. They had a few churches, and people came to them from all over the world, because their healing methods, worked. I’ve even witnessed them with my own eyes, more times, than I can count. They would quote verses from the Bible, use holy oil, and other items, to banish demons in people. Now as a child what drew me to the Bible, is the same thing that drew me to write this article, which will be in more detail in my book.

I wanted to understand how is it these demons, could attach themselves to people without them even knowing. To me that was serious, and as an adult I didn’t understand why more people, weren’t interested in  learning how or why that happens. My foster parents taught me that when you are a chosen one these evil spirits want you, because of your power, and when you’re not a chosen one ,and you vibrate on a low frequency you basically become a vessel for these evil, negative, toxic, demonic energies and forces. Most attribute these forces being around in the month of October, because this is when the veil is at its thinnest. However, the veil actually thins sooner and closes later than previously thought. You can only innerstand this by paying attention to what is happening globally. We have all watched tv shows that show, some ancient demon, vampire, witch, or some other supernatural being, getting raised from the dead for whatever purpose the caster has. But somehow we fell to think it can or is actually happening in real life. I guess, people perceive, that if it’s perceived, as fantasy then it must be, but that’s not the case.

With the internet, more and more people are starting to see that this is not just some photoshop fake phenomenons, and that these experiences are real. People are starting to share these experiences and I think it’s one of the many things that is helping people wake up, to what is actually happening in our world. We all owe it to ourselves to understand the things on ,and within the planet we live on, regardless of our religious beliefs or practices.

Understanding the Veil

The veil is basically a barrier between worlds, physical and spiritual realms. When our loved ones pass away, we tell ourselves, we’ve gained an angel and they’re always here with us. This is technically true because, the veil is what separates them from physically being able to talk to us. For the highly intuitive collective, we are able to still see, hear, smell and even feel them. How many of you reading this article have heard, someone call your name but you were home alone? How many of you saw something, someone, or a quick flash of a shadow? But when, you went to look for them you couldn’t see them. But you also noticed the change in temperature, or maybe you got chill bumps. Again some experience this during October when the veil is at its thinnest but, highly intuitive’s experience this more frequently, due to their heighten spiritual frequencies, and abilities.  When the veil is at its thinnest our loved ones/ancestors do their best to communicate with us more, this is because the barrier is at a weakned state and there are messages they wish to give us. When you receive these messages be sure to write them down, even if they don’t make sense at the time, they came help you later, when clarity on the situation, has arrived.

These message could be about warnings of some sort, the messages could be regarding anything, for example, they could about your ancestors wanting you to work with them more often, it could be because they want you to take part in your spiritual path, and or because they need to be fed, or for many other reasons. The reasons depend on what is currently happening in your life or on the other side, as well as a warning about something that may be coming. Now that they are on the other side, they have more clear insight into what is really going on where spirits are concerned, which is why they work so hard to relay these messages to us. Imagine being in their shoes, and finding out you can’t eat unless, your loved ones in the physical realm cook, and set out food for you. Most people will never know this unless they are into some form of spirituality. Normally, the first meal the newly deceased encounters, is after their funeral, when the families get together and eat. Most families, are so far removed from their ancestral traditions, that they are not aware ancestors should be fed, every time, you cook for yourself, and or your family. This is because most are taught that it’s evil, but it’s not evil, and they see no evil in doing it when it comes to leaving offerings for Santa.

During the thinning of the veil you may experience someone placing their hand your shoulder, you may feel someone sit on your baed, and you ,may even hear things fall. Always pay attention to what you see, hear, feel, and smell, as all of these are messages. If you feel uneasy, if you feel scared, this is where spiritual protection comes in, and this may also be something your ancestors are trying to warn you about. After all, your loved ones are not the only ones who can cross the veil, so can evil energies and forces. Most ancestors use this time to stand guard in order to protect their loved ones who are not aware, how to protect themselves, because many do not know there are things they even need protection from. I always encourage people to keep their protection up, so they are never walking around spiritually naked. Protection bags, washes, satchets, other charms, and tools, can be used to protect you, your family, your car, as well as your household. These essential items can be used to ward off evil, of any kind. They can also stop you from being possessed by evil as well. Protection, is definitely something you want to research and or look into if you haven’t done so already. I offer protection items as well, because spiritual safety, is essential for everyone.

What Happens When You Vibrate On A Low Frequency

When you vibrate on a low frequency, lessor energies can attach themselves to you, but so can spirits, and negative forces, including those of demonic origin. Therefore, making you a vessel so they can set out whatever purpose it is they have. How many times have you heard stories in the news, where someone committed a crime, but they don’t remember doing it or why they did it? Again, when these things appear in movies or tv, people love watching it, but when. It happens in real life, people  are skeptical, and or they denounce it as being fake, or some sort of scam for attention. When in fact, it’s not. Have you ever just cried and didn’t know why? Have you ever just became angry and didn’t know why? Have you ever wanted to harm yourself, but didn’t understand why? These dangerous emotions can be harmful to you and others, and they stem from, negative energies, forces, and spirits who play on past and current traumas, of the individual. They can also rule your thoughts, and some can hear these thoughts, which is why people have said after committing a crime, that something told them to do it.  Do you live in a home, where there is always anger and confusion? Do you spend hours on the phone everyday gossiping with your friends? These are also breeding grounds for toxic negative forces and or energies. Try to keep in mind the appearance of people who have negative energies, there are many ways you can tell. How they dress,how they act, and how the react to certain situations are key indicators.

Living in these environments or even visiting people who live in these environments, as well as being in places that have high negative energy, such as a place(s) that has been deemed haunted, can make you the perfect host for these negative attachments. When they attach to you, you feel drained, no matter how much sleep you get. And again, they can attach to you without your knowledge or permission. This is why spiritual bathing is so essential. If you are in this situation I advise you cleanse your home, and yourself. And yes that means your car too. Also cleanse your space when. Company y leaves, so their energy and or attachments do not reside in your space, within you, and or your loved ones. When you sage your home be sure to cleanse the corners of your walls, as negative energy resides in the corners (top and bottom). Light your Palo Santo, or dragon blood sage, (these are the best smudges to ward off evil) walk along the walls so the smoke from the wand can get in to the corners, wand over your body, your family members, closets, doorways, beds etc. Leave nothing uncleansed for best results. If you need assistance just reach out to me and I will be more than happy to guide and help you. Knowing what triggers these spirits and energies is important in helping you stay free of them. But it’s going to take people to be honest about what is going on with them, as well, because, it’s harder for them to see, how they are treating others, it’s like they are almost masked from the behavior. You cannot always approach people who have these attachments, in honesty’s best to let a professional handle them, and to stay clear of them, because doing so can only make matters worse for you. These energies do not like being approached.

When you vibrate on a low frequency, you can become very rude, egotistic, which can cause you to become someone who gaslights others, with your narcissistic behavior. This will be hard for you to see of course, because of the attachments within you, so you will never accept the fact that you are wrong about something. You won’t see how you hurt others, or how you are causing them pain, depression, and or how you have become a trigger for them. You will not understand when they pull away and or ultimately leave you alone. You basically, won’t be able to see where you are wrong, you will only see where others are wrong, and this is one of the first signs. How did I learn this? On my journey to become a lawyer, I ended up majoring in a lot of things that peeked my spiritual interest. Which is why I doubled majored while prelaw, to become a psychologist. In undergrad, I had to take sociology, anthropology, and what seemed like every other logy., so from it only made sense. My concern was to study behaviors, and in doing so I begin to see why people acted the way they did. But that’s another article when it comes to discussing behaviors, because the truth there is most people treat people, how they say their parents, parent, and or families treat others. This knowledge coupled with my spiritual knowledge has helped me help, others on massive level.

When You Vibrate on a Higher Frequency

You’re able to complete your goals, the lessors energies have no control of your mind, body, or soul. You are open and aware of everything going on in your life, and you’re always looking for ways to better yourself. Your energy can be felt when you walk into a room, and people are not afraid to speak to you, especially where work is concerned. How many of you avoid that negative person at your job,  because you sense their energy is off, or because you do not like how they treat, or talk to people. When you vibrate on a higher frequency, and you are a healer, you will attract broken people, and those who need healing. Just remember, everyone is not your project ,and that you have to be in tuned with your own energy, and have the correct knowledge on how to help others, professionally. None professionals, will only end up holding people behind that need to move forward, because the beliefs, and bases, are limited. Creating relationships out of trauma will not always help those who are broken.

When you vibrate on a higher frequency, you no longer make excuses for your self or others. You call it how it is and you stand on your beliefs. You do not concede or conform to the will of others, who try to force power over you. This is why many of you reading this have removed yourself, from people, groups, places, situations etc, because you feel that you can not grow around  those types of people and you are right. You are not no longer seeking validation, when you are on a higher frequency, as you are not stagnant, your goal is to have motion, because you refuse to just sit and be still. Creativity makes you comfortable, and you’re looking at the long haul to advance yourself and your future. So the opinions of others, don’t matter anymore and for some, they never did, because you know what you need to do and what it will take to get in done. When you vibrate higher, you no longer sit in rooms, that you used to feel like you needed to be in, because your frequency has outgrown the needy energy.

When you vibrate on a higher frequency nothing or no one can penetrate your aura, things that use to have your attention simply don’t anymore, because you’ve shed that old skin, and you are on a journey of higher heights, and flights.  When you vibrate on a higher frequency, self love matters to you, so you begin to take care of you body, your health becomes a priority, as well as your soul, and you mind. You watch what you put into your body as well, because you realize what you eat, dictates how you will feel. You are more aware of what you watch on tv, and or what music you listen to, because of the frequencies coming from them. Because you know it has an effect on your energy as well, and you can feel the difference. This is why us voodoos, don’t eat pork, because pork is the only unclean meat that negative energies, spirits, and forces can inhabit. When you vibrate higher, you are more socially aware, you know everyone doesn’t deserve access to you, your time, space or energy, and you ultimately stand on that because you aren’t letting anything disrupt your peace. When you vibrate higher you innerstand the language of reciprocation, and you take nothing less that you deserve.

Thank you guys for reading this article, I hope you had a pleasure reading it because I had a pleasure writing it.

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