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Couples It’s Time To Find Your Way Back To Each Other

To all the couples out there fighting and arguing, I want you guys to sit down, and talk to each other without yelling, without arguing. I want you to talk about the things that brought you guys together in the first place. Instead of talking about everything that has pulled you guys apart. Relearn each other. My second year in undergrad we had to watch this movie called Where to Invade Next. When they got to Italy, the Italians said Americans don’t love enough. And I had to agree because everyone is on a system, work, cook, sleep. So there is no time to love only to stress and worry. People are not even allowed time to actually take their kids out and have family events, and that’s important for so many reasons. My advice, move to another country or state that doesn’t put a strain on your family. So you have time for the important things life has to offer, like love and family.

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