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Can You Heal Without Hexing or Reversing Evil Magic?

Author: Royalty

Date: October 18, 2022

Time: 11:28 A.M.

People see post like this and say😳 ” Oh that’s EVIL”. What about when someone hexes, curses, jinxes, you? 🤔 Wouldn’t you WANT to know how to send it back? Or would/are you just keep/keeping those energies around and let/ letting them harm you? Our Ancestors used magic for PROTECTION‼️ Do people make bad choices with magic? Yes, of course they do. But that’s not the ONLY story of magic‼️ If you hex someone and they send it back, guess what? They’re right, if you started it and vice versa. Most of these people out here SWEAR someone using magic on them. So they start throwing magic at WHOEVER, they think it is. Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ , evil negative people, with no clear sense of intuition is why it’s so many spiritual issues happening right now. I’ve been in spirituality since I was 5 years old. So I know for a FIGGITY FIGGITY FACT 💯 Some people don’t DESERVE magic, why because they use their left hand (Dark magic) too much. It’s meant to be a balance, PAY ATTENTION . I’m delivering this message DURING LIBRA SEASON. What is LIBRA about #balance ♎️, evil magic all the time upsets this balance. & each year during the thinning of the veil, Libra comes in to assist the Spiritual Realm in the restoration of BALANCE. Remember where you heard this FIRST.

Many of you who will see this have been told, that if you don’t think about the hex it goes away. Not true. Idk who comes up with this stuff but I wish they stop, because it’s senseless and holds no weight to facts. You can almost instantly tell you’ve been hexed if you know the signs. The biggest clues are if everything in your life has been fine, then BOOM car wreak, illness, lost of job, death in family etc that’s a hex or a set of hexes. And keep in mind guys, there is no light hex, jinx, curse etc. And, don’t think these evil people are not getting their payback, especially if their magic is being reversed. If you pay attention, these people have the most issues. Things never go right for them, because all they’ve been putting out is bad energy. So all that energy spreads within their lives, most of them don’t even have a place to stay for real. They are living with people because that’s how bad their own curses have consumed them. So you should be able to see why they are so jealous, your life may be mirroring what they want, but can’t have because of their own choices. It’s not even really about you for real. You just make them see what they lack in themselves and end up becoming their victim. Just because you don’t like someone or just because you have an argument with someone, doesn’t mean you should hex them. Trust me I don’t even like having this discussion because it brings so much negativity to spirituality. And spirituality is a positive but again balance. There has to be witches, practitioners, mentors that push the positive message because the energy we are in now, is so toxic. Plus spiritual education is important, especially to those who may be experiencing this issues currently.

See you are the viewer, but me I have lived this my whole life. I live and breathe spirituality. I’ve seen things people don’t think exist. So when I tell you protect yourself. Do so, because evil is everywhere. Everyone is just too busy fighting over whose religion is the best to see it. We all have our own path to the Divine Father, and Divine Mother. How you are led to them, in my opinion is your own. My concern is energy because I know and have witnessed what bad energies can do. The veil is so thin and in honesty, the Divine Creators have allowed it to be thinner and thin sooner than, reported because of all the spiritual issues on this earthly realm. It doesn’t take someone with a degree to see spiritual war is so real. And it’s happening in real time. Many of you have seen it, felt it, etc. Some of you even have been struggling with these energies but have no understanding to what it all even means.

My ancestors stood up and protected people and if you crossed them, then, tbh that’s on you. But it’s not evil send back what was sent to you. If you do not understand that, your enemies will continue to defeat you. One thing about spirituality, is it leads you to the tools you need. Once you know they exist, it’s up to you to use them. Just as it’s up to you, when you’re gossiping or listening to gossip. Don’t let anyone drag you into messing up your situation, because you’ve allowed yourself to be pulled into petty dramas. Truthfully, if most people spent their time working on their on business, and minding the business that pays them, they would have a lot more success. Gossip brings down your energy, your situation and obviously your vibration. Start logging how much time you spend on the phone with your friends/family gossiping. That’s how many hours you are giving over to negative vibes and situations. 1 second is too much time for me.

Healing requires you to remove yourself away from low vibrational people, places, and situations. This may include nearly everyone you call friend or family. The people closest to you can be your foes. Especially if you are always creating something new. If you think I’m blowing smoke, then tell them your plans and watch their responses, better yet their facial expressions. I knew this girl who wanted to start her business, and she did I was so happy for her because her confidence was on 100000% and her business was lit. Someone said “ hahahahaha she really out here trying to start a business but still making typo’s, girl she not going now where and she kept laughing. It was at that moment I removed myself. Because I saw the jealousy, hate and envy in her eyes. And the person who said it, knew I didn’t like the comments, hell my face is not going to lie. Neither is my mouth. When I removed myself this girl tried to turn everyone against me while still trying to be cool with me. I had been asking my ancestors when can I cut her off, because I was legit tired of her raggedy ass energy, I’m just being honest 🤷🏽‍♀️, I don’t know no other way to be. But they kept saying not yet, it’s still stuff you have to see😑🥴. No lie I was really not feeling none of that, because being a seer I was seeing everything she was doing including the work she was trying but was drastically failing at. Like her own work was tearing her up and she was legit spending money telling everyone to hex me. And none of it worked. So when I say I know first hand that’s because of my experiences within spirituality and I have seen what happens when you don’t reverse or send the work back. I always tell people why keep shit💩 that’s not your shit💩? That’s just facts.

People will get that mad and hex you because they don’t want you to succeed. How many of you seeing this have businesses, but none of your friends share it? You have to watch people like that. You have to watch people who tell you, you can’t do this or that. I love to prove those type of people wrong. I had a professor, back when I was in undergrad for Legal Studies tell me, your a black girl, you will never have your own law firm. I just laughed because, I know a demon when I see it. I’m just here to bring light to what you can’t see, understand, or to what you may not even know exists. This world is crazy, people ask me to hex people all the time and I think that’s crazy and creepy. I turn them down because I’m not about to do that. But it’s people who will without even reading into the situation first to see the intentions and what’s going going with the person asking, and the situation as a whole just because they want the money. But this is why I read people before I do anything I need to see what the spirits have to say, what your intentions are, what’s going on completely before I do anything.

How can you heal if you are afraid to send back the evil others are projecting on you? REAL EVIL people play dirty. That’s why my favorite spells are hex breakers and reversals because we breaking that evil 👿💩 & sending it back to them and anyone who aided them. I want all my people to live successful, abundant lives and create lasting legacies and when you have secret haters it becomes so hard because, they are trying to through you off your game, which is why I post about it and help everyone who allows me too. This world is cruel and someone has to step in and wake people up.

Thank you for taking your time, to view, my article.

Please share so others, can learn from this article as well.

Always remember, never let anything, or situation consume you. Rise about it and take your power back



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