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Be Mindful of The People/Energies You Allow To Cross Over Your Threshold

There is a tricky thing about doorways, and I honestly think people have never looked at this from my point of view. But you seriously have to do more monitoring on who you let in your home. This includes friends & family as well.

Your home is supposed to be your place of peace, a sanctuary where you and your family dwell away from all the outside energies, drama etc. When you allow people who are jealous & envious etc towards you, into your home. You are also inviting that energy in as well, yes this includes all the negative things they say about you behind your back. Not to mention the attachments that stay behind, and if your reading this and you are spiritual.

The person invited in could also be a carrier for a spirit/entity/demon etc, who may be targeting you, and you just let them in the door. If your spirit is telling you something is off about a person, keep that relationship where it is. So if it’s a co worker who shows signs of jealousy keep it at work. Don’t bring this person in your home and give them a title of friendship. Because they are not your friend.

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