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Are you Highly Intuitive??

The thing about being highly intuitive is that your intuition tunes into things without you trying to. Coupled with empathy you pick up on a lot of energy/feelings you may not understand. The energy/visions/feelings are so strong it’s like it’s your energy/situation but that’s not always the case. The hardest part for some is dealing with it all, because they are not sure how to process what they are experiencing. Staying grounded, and deeply rooted in your energy will help. Keeping your aura cleansed will help as well. Be sure to calm your energy when you feel overwhelmed. Celestial shifts play big part within us and everything around us. It’s important to take note of intuitive messages, you can learn your energy, your abilities, as well as your limits as so much more. Don’t be afraid of this process, embrace it. It’s who you are, it’s who you were placed here to be. Sometimes it gets hard, maybe too much at times than you feel like you can bear. Just remember, it’s something that your missing, and the Universe is trying to get your attention. Spiritual growth requires complete Hermit Mode. Why? Well the only way you can relearn yourself and what you want. Is if you spend time with yourself away from outside influences, telling what to do or how to do it. Everything you are searching for is deep within you. Hidden and protected from prying eyes and loose lips. Maybe now you understand why your shadowself pushes people away.

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