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Are you being attacked Psychically??? If you are this could help.

Psychic attacks are very common. The attack is done to disrupt and rob the person of their energy which causes them not to be able to focus. Some attacks cause headaches and migraine, others cause weakness and severe losses of energy and in extreme cases time. Gaps in time could also mean that negative or evil energies, spirits, demons etc could have attached themselves to you. You can also be psychically attack by other witches or covens, so be sure to watch who you allow into your energy plain.

If you are under a psychic attack.

Do a protection ritual on yourself, also do a hex breaker to ward off and stop whatever work they are doing, I also suggest doing a reversal to send it back to them. This will also show you who it is. You should also do a reading on yourself, this can be with tarot or crystal ball, tea, and or pendulum reading if you want more clarity. Doing a revelation ritual will reveal your attackers as well.


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