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31 Days of Madness

Get in gear for The Night of The Dead before it comes.

For 31 days you will be taught how to properly Communicate with your Ancestors as well as other Spiritual Beings. You will learn, How to Focus your Energy, Work with Your Elements, How to Give Proper Offerings, How to Write Spells, How to Begin & End Your Rituals along with So Much More Information To Extend Your Growth & Knowledge within the spiritual realm.

Have Your Heard Of My Witchology 101 class? Well This Class Is a Fast Paced Version of Witchology 101. & it’s Only $31.31 which means it’s $1.01 per day 🤩. I designed this class for those of you who love to work with your Ancestors & Spiritual Beings on Halloween. Some of you rush through your workings, you don’t have the right ingredients, you don’t know the proper ways to connect with the spiritual realm, you’re afraid of making mistakes, and that can become overwhelming. & This is where, Most people give up because they do not have the proper guidance. So here I am & ready to give you the knowledge you are searching for.

Spaces will be limited. So be sure to sign up now. If you have any questions about this class or others please contact us at

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